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Unless you’re backpacking tardily overland across the entire Indonesian archipelago, Komodo Island is i of those ‘out of the way’ places for most backpackers. Lying far away due east from the major Indonesian tourist zones of Bali, Lombok together with the Gili Islands, the Komodo Dragons are the biggest pull to the area.

Let’s hold off at this from a regular backpackers perspective, your starting indicate for a trip to Komodo volition likely go inwards i of the principal tourist areas, hence let’s hold off at how to larn to Komodo Island from Bali.

Tickets tin post away go purchased inwards Bali to larn yous unopen to the Komodo National Park, together with yous cause got options here, these are land, bounding main together with air. Tickets for all these are available at many go agents around the backpacker expanse of Bali, Poppies Lane 1 together with 2, hold off inwards a few ticket offices, store around together with create some bargaining.


Bali to Komodo yesteryear Boat

The exclusively selection that tin post away accept yous all the way without stopping at Labuan Bajo is yesteryear boat. Perama tours, the most pop boat trip option, cause got a hit of tour options. Their trips tin post away involve stopping to snorkel, together with to run across sights together with activities on the way. For divers, at that spot is enough of liveaboard trips that volition accept yous to dive spots, together with onto

Komodo to run across the Dragons.

Most boat trips to Komodo from Bali sheet to the north, yesteryear the Gili Islands, Lombok together with Sumbawa onto the Komodo National commons close Flores. Keep inwards hear that this area, mainly the Makassar Strait together with the Flores Sea, is notorious for beingness hard to navigate.

Due to shallow rocky areas together with currents going every direction yous tin post away imagine,accidents together with shipwrecks inwards this expanse create happen, fifty-fifty alongside the most trusted tour companies. Make certain for yourself the vessel has life jackets together with they are easily accessible, non tied downward or secured to anything. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 waterproof pocketbook is a expert idea, yous tin post away role it to demeanor whatever electronic items, such equally your camera. Most invitee houses inwards Bali volition allow yous to store your large heavy luggage whilst yous are on the trip.

There has been ii or 3 accidents sailing to Komodo inwards the yesteryear ix months, yous shouldn’t worry nigh it equally good much equally these tours exit daily. But run along your wits nigh you, together with enquire questions earlier yous had over whatever money.


Flying to Komodo

A flying leaving from Denpasar inwards Bali volition accept yous to Labuan Bajo Airport, which is a curt taxi to the pier where yous tin post away accept boat trips to Komodo Island, together with around the national park. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 flying is the simplest together with fastest option, prices larn from 650,000 to over 1,000,000 Rupiah. I took this flying together with it was 950,000 Rupiah.

The Bali to Komodo Island Bus

The motorbus is the cheapest together with the way to larn for the most adventurous. It’s non a straightforward motorbus ride yesteryear whatever means, multiple buses, ferry crossings together with random stops all over the place. I believe the toll was 350,000 – 400,000 Rupiah.

The overland motorbus ticket from Bali volition accept yous to Labuan Bajo Harbour inwards Flores, which is correct inwards town. Labuan Bajo has guesthouses, meshing cafes together with restaurants, although all these are really basic.

When taking the bus, 3 ferry crossings are are required, from Bali to Lombok, Lombok to Sumbawa, together with Sumbawa to Labuan Bajo inwards Flores, brand certain to enquire if these are included inwards your ticket together with enquire them to write it downward – they should be.

After yous cause got booked your ticket, enquire for the telephone publish of the society hence yous tin post away telephone phone them at whatever time, aught should genuinely larn wrong. Your biggest worry on this trip should go stamina together with comfort, below I cause got described inwards bullet points how this overland motorbus trip from Bali to Komodo Island goes.

§  Pick upwardly from your guesthouse inwards Bali.
§  Minibus ride to the the ferry for Lombok
§  Catch the ferry from Bali to Lombok
§  Arrive inwards Lombok, together with then a minibus to the large motorbus station.
§  Get on the large motorbus across Lombok
§  The motorbus volition crusade onto a ferry to Sumbawa
§  The ferry ride from Lombok to Sumbawa
§  Epic motorbus journeying across Sumbawa
§  Stop somewhere inwards due east Sumbawa together with alter to a crazy minibus.
§  The minibus volition evetually accept to to the ferry to Labuan Bajo
§  Take the ferry ride to Labuan Bajo.

When I took this journey, it took around 44 hours inwards total. Not exclusively is each leg of the journeying quite long, there’s ofttimes a lot of waiting inwards betwixt each alter of transport. I’m glad I took this trip yesteryear land, it was a bang-up only draining experience, nosotros flew dorsum fifty-fifty though it was double the price.


Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island

Now yous cause got got yourself to Labuan Bajo, go it yesteryear province or air, how to yous larn to Komodo Island? It’s genuinely quite simple, together with yous cause got ii principal options.

I recommend a a ii twenty-four hr menstruum tour of the Komodo National Park equally at that spot is lots to a greater extent than to run across than the Dragons.

1.       Take a walk downward to the harbor together with enquire around, yous tin post away negotiate a toll alongside the captain yourself.
2.      Look for a a ticket portion inwards town, they should go able to form yous out.
When I made this trip, nosotros did a ii twenty-four hr menstruum trip through Komodo, which had these activities included;

§  Trekking on Rinca Island
§  Snorkeling at ‘Red Beach’ (which was spectacular)
§  Watching Flying Foxes inwards the Mangroves
§  Overnight on the Deck of the Boat
§  Trekking on Komodo Island
§  Snorkeling alongside Manta Rays (we got lucky on the boat ride home)

This trip cost 2,000,000 Rupiah for the whole boat, at that spot were 6 of us who met inwards Labuan Bajo together with got together for the trip, making it 400,000 each. You tin post away hold off around the town for other backpackers together with larn together to percentage the cost of the trip.

All nutrient together with H2O was included inwards the price, the captain stopped at villages for fresh ingredients together with cooked for us. These prices are negotiable, nosotros bartered downward from 4,000,000 RP together with cutting the toll inwards half.

Ask a lot of questions when yous are negotiating, enquire if nutrient together with H2O is included, enquire nigh safety, life jackets together with anything else that yous are non clear about.

I would not recommended booking a Komodo Island tour together alongside your flying or motorbus ticket. As a savvy backpacker it’s ameliorate to larn downward at that spot together with run across for yourself what’s going on, putting yourself inwards a negotiating seat for the best deal.


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