Bali Beach: Tirta Lestari The Serenity H2o Commons Inward Jembrana

Tirta Lestari Air Gumbrih is H2O commons recreation located inwards Gumbrih Village, Jembrana Regency, Bali. This is involvement H2O park, because combines quietness together with beauty of Pangyangan river menstruum alongside greenish coconuts. You tin exploring the river past times driving ‘Jukung’ ( traditional boat ) powered past times engine together with driven past times a professional person crew. In at that spot are boats equally good equally the shipping to explore the river. The distance to survive traveled is virtually two kilometers, alongside the stopping betoken at the Pangyangan-Gumbrih bridge, it‘s the hamlet border.

Besides enjoying the greenish trees, you lot tin run across a multifariousness of wildlife such equally Kokokan birds together with lizards. This makes Air Gumbrih Water Park survive an ideal place for a relaxing boating together with accept pictures. You tin accept many involvement pictures inwards Pangayangan River. Like rice fields on the river border or the bamboo forest. Not entirely that, the Pangyangan River possess got diverse kinds of fish, such equally blood-red snapper together with julit (fish similar similar catfish but alongside a long trunk size), together with thus you lot tin pass fourth dimension hither alongside fishing. Especially for shrimp together with crabs, you lot tin grab it alongside bare hands. You tin run across fish glimpses that swim nigh the H2O surface. Air Gumbrih Water Park is the best house to savour the natural waters of Bali together with relax away from the metropolis crowd.



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