Bali Beach: In That Location Are E'er Wonderful Affair Inwards Hidden Places

On the weekend I pass my remaining fourth dimension earlier dorsum to Denpasar City afterwards function inwards the office. I larn for travelling inwards Gunung Payung Beach. One of the hidden beach inwards Bali which all of a abrupt famous now. I was real curious why this beach tin live on famous , many domestic in addition to international tourist who come upward to this beach. Departed from Jl. Kampus Unud or from Udayana University Jimbaran I ask times virtually thirty minutes to accomplish this beach.

Located inwards hidden location I almost passed this beach, luckily I saw a sign toward to Gunung Payung Temple. I mean value the beach sure live on nigh inwards this temple, because the same name. Passed a little route I tin saw a novel golf game courses on the right in addition to left roadside. My approximate is correct, simply reached the parking area, I tin heard the waves sound. Wow.! I’m real amazed saw a unique beach which has a beautifull panorama. From hither I tin saw blueish ocean, cliffs, in addition to a somebody who played parasailing.

After satisfied took roughly pictures on the top I went to the beach. To rech the beach I must passed many stairs. I can’t counted how many stairs, because I simply tin encounter the beautifull panorama when I passed the stairs. On the agency I stopped for took roughly pictures again, inwards this location I saw many of my friends took pictures in addition to uploaded to their instagram. 

Continued my trip I surprised past times mongkeys inwards the trees too the stairs. I mean value no monkeys alive inwards the beach, I mean value they simply alive inwards the forest. The monkeys are real tame, they didn’t disturb me on the way.

Upon arriving at the beach, I right away took off my shoes in addition to walked enjoyed fine white sand. Heading into the H2O inwards this beach I wondered virtually what’s made the H2O hither is thence clear? Even I could saw thence much seaweed here. Not futile if I supply to a greater extent than apace then. Many couples who pass their fourth dimension here. Although it made me a piddling jealous, but natural scenery divert all of my attention.

Satisfied afterwards enjoyed scenery in addition to played on the beach, I apace went to dwelling trouble solid because I remembered my hope amongst friends. But simply upward roughly stairs I was exhausted. But lucky, the residual of quaff inwards my pocketbook was even thence there. This adds my liberate energy to got inwards the parking area. And inwards the terminate I reached the parking lot. But, I did non right away took the motorbike in addition to hurried away. I rested inwards a stall patch purchase roughly drinks to restore my liberate energy afterwards tired climb the stairs.
Although exhausted, I am real happy to visiting this hidden beach, in addition to hopefully I tin watch this beach over again someday.


Gunung Payung Beach on google maps


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