Bali Beach: The Hustle Of Pandawa Beach Can’T Brand Me Cease To Visiting

Afertnoon on Sabbatum I went to a famous beach inwards Nusa Dua named Pandawa Beach. Everyone who came to Bali must visited this beautiful place, because this beach has uniques affair that are the location nether the cliff as well as has beautiful statue inwards the cliff. This statue only solely in that location on the Pandawa Beach.

Departed from Jimbaran I require times almost thirty minutes to reached this beach, it’s then slow to reached this beach I only used my google maps as well as some route sign. Saw cliffs on the correct as well as left side of road, I'm certain I've been about the beach. My estimate is correct later passed some cliffs I tin saw the bluish sea on the correct side.

Parked my wheel inwards the parking area, I tin saw all of Pandawa Beach. I conduct to parked inwards higher upwards parking area, because from in that location I tin saw cliffs as well as the bluish sea without must walk away. Moved from parking area, I went to the route saw the Pandawa Statue. Pandawa are the graphic symbol of Mahabrata Story, The Famous Story inwards Bali.

I’ve known Pandawa Beach since a long fourth dimension ago, but I didn’t know Pandawa Beach real crowded yesteryear the tourists. Many tourists who receive got photos inwards the forepart of Pandawa statue, I intend they produce that because they only tin saw this statue inwards Pandawa beach. I had non been long inwards this beach because in that location are other places I should visit.

Despite that, visited this house a minute tin made me happy. And I promise I notwithstanding receive got plenty fourth dimension to catch this house again.


Pandawa Beach on google maps:


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