Bali Beach: Best House For Snorkeling Inwards Bali Island

Visiting Amed Beach is ane of my best sense when exploring the Bali Island. Located inward Karangasem Regency I needed fourth dimension nigh iv hours to accomplish inward this place. Departing from Denpasar City nosotros only went together amongst 8 people. Ride motorbike nosotros passed Jl. Ida Bagus Mantra. We non ride fast, piece enjoyed the fresh air, in addition to amazing panorama. On my trip to Amed Beach, I passed many interesting sites similar Candidasa Beach, Goa Lawah Temple, in addition to an amazing terracing rice field. I didn't know this terracing rice plain name, but I was rattling amazed when saw this terracing on the way.

Pass the hill, saw the amazing terracing rice fields, in addition to eventually I was arrived inward Amed Village, in addition to and therefore nosotros spur our motorbike fast to accomplish Amed Beach quickly. After saw the snorkeling spot, I was non stopped inward this spot, in addition to i was ride my motorbike further. All of my friend state “Hey y'all top the snorkeling spot”, in addition to I was nevertheless ride my motorcycle. After five minutes i was through the snorkeling spot, eventually i was arrived inward ane spot, where I tin saw all of Amed Beach, in addition to on this spot I tin saw Mount Agung, in addition to all of my friends amazed past times the beauty of the panorama.

Satisfied accept closed to photos, nosotros headed to the snorkeling spot. Luckily, inward this house in that location are people who rent snorkeling equipment such equally life jackets in addition to swimming goggles because nosotros didn’t pick out snorkeling equipment at all.

Snorkeling inward Amed Beach was my start sense tried this watersport, initially I was less familiar amongst snorkeling equipment, but eventually I got used. Unbelievable, I never idea I would viewed a multifariousness of beautiful coral, closed to fish that I had never seen before. I justice viewed this beautiful fish I had larn to sea, it didn’t. Having explored the beautiful underwater scenery inward Amed Beach, I returned to Denpasar because it's getting late.


If y'all desire to snorkeling inward this beach I recommend y'all to role trusted go agent inward Bali to brand your trip survive to a greater extent than easy. Because to tin larn inward in this snorkeling spot is non easy, I tin accomplish this snorkeling spot because I was a local person.

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