Bali Beach: Ancient Balinese Life History Inwards Yeh Pulu Relief

Yeh Pulu Ubud is 1 of cultural finish inwards Bali. Many tourists who view the Yeh Pulu Temple are unusual tourists. Domestic tourists are really rarely visited this relief. It’s because the less advertisement close this temple for domestic tourist. Yeh Pulu Temple located inwards Bedulu Village, Blahbatuh Sub-District, Gianyar Regency. 

Because located inwards Bedahulu Village, Yeh Pulu Temple likewise called Yeh Pulu Bedulu. The unique from this temple are the location. Located inwards really vast rice fields together with scattered inwards all directions Bedulu Village. So you lot non exclusively await at the temple reliefs history, but that you lot volition come across the rice terraces are arranged neatly. To tin accomplish this temple, you lot must past times the rather pocket-size footpath. This footpath really maintained, from the cleanliness together with the beauty. This footpaths maintenance, conducted past times the local community who bring a farm organization, named Subak. 

This place has facilities similar parking area, bathroom together with Balinese souvenirs. In this temple you lot tin come across many uniques ancient relief. Because inwards this temple at that spot are many reliefs, then this temple ofttimes called Yeh Pulu Relief. There are ancient relief, carved inwards the rock, long relief close 25 meters together with the width relief close two meters. 

The reliefs history contained inwards this temple, tells close the ancient Balinese life history, inwards the Bedahulu Kingdom. Not exclusively relief on the wall, holes protrudes into house to meditate, likewise inwards this area. It’s said this house used Bedahulu King to meditation, earlier lose his battle against the Majapahit Kingdom on 1343.


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