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 the coastal route goes towards the due east to Tanjung Aan BestplacetovisitinIndonesia; Tanjung Aan Beach

From Kuta, the coastal route goes towards the due east to Tanjung Aan, a bay that is a kilometer wide. Big waves suspension on several rocky islands inward the oral fissure of the bay. The broad sand beach catches the blue-green seawater, where seaweed is grown on bamboo rafts. There is a hotel, which was shut fifty-fifty earlier it was opened, in all likelihood because it was built besides around the water.

After Tanjung Aan, the route continues for a duet of kilometers to Grupuk village, where the recent introduction of seaweed cultures, for agar-agar, has brought inward the rattling needed rupiah. Close to here, it seems to last a rattling practiced surfing spot; the Australians cite it 'Desert Point'.

Just earlier Tanjung Aan a thirteen km long unpaved route leads to Awang village, located along the shore of a big bay where the settlements are yet rattling traditional. Only a few people accept this road. From a colina only earlier Awang nosotros take away keep a practiced thought over the bay.

H5N1 big position out of bamboo rafts alongside seaweed float on the sea. The others necktie colored flags on it for recognition. In Awang nosotros tin charter a canoe alongside motor or a catch to Batu Nampar, a hamlet to a greater extent than to the east. From Batu Nampar is a practiced route towards the north. Several times a daily bemo tin choose us to Sengkol.

It's a practiced thought to pass the nighttime virtually Kuta, together with to furnish past times some other road. For a rattling overnice thought over the entire expanse nosotros tin brand the brusk but steep climb to the elevation of the colina westward of Kuta. There is a paved route direct to the top, where you lot tin detect something of a hotel. The thought is rattling beautiful.

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