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 The roads which leaves Ampenan towards the due north BestplacetovisitinIndonesia; Senggigi Beach

The roads which leaves Ampenan towards the north, passes 2 pocket-sized mountains earlier it reaches a long, bow-shaped beach. On the mornings later on moonless nights these hills offering the best persuasion over the sea, which is scattered amongst pocket-sized angling boats amongst colorful sails, which provide to the beach due north of Ampenan. When the sunsets the fishermen larn out the beach inwards ane long trouble their lights practise a overnice play of lights, which tin move seen from virtually hotels on Senggigi beach.

The starting fourth dimension of the 2 pocket-sized mountains, which are passed from Ampenan, named Batu Layar, contains the dedicated grave of ane of the Islamic saints (wali), which spread Islam on Lombok. The local population prays close a shrine unopen to the road. It's possible to walk from the tiptop of the minute mount to the Balinese temple along Batu Bolong beach.

The hotel colony grows amongst the 24-hour interval too slow crawls towards the due north along the coast. The hotels are built along a road, which runs to Pemenang, 20 km due north of Batu Bolong. The route passes several hilla, which offering real overnice views over the kokosnoot trees along the beach too the sea. The quondam route to Pemenang is located to a greater extent than inland. It starts inwards Mataram, passes Rembiga too Gunung Sari villages, which has a busi 24-hour interval market, too and thus ascends roughly the hamlet of Sidemen.

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