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Flora as well as fauna

Mt. Rinjani National Park covers an expanse of 41.330 ha. The commons is surrounded past times a farther 66.000 ha. of protected forest. Rinjani Mountain is rich inwards a diverseness of flora, animate existence as well as vegetation types.

Notable flore include the everlasting edelweiss (Anaphalis viscida), tiger orchid (Vanda sp), alang-alang grass (Imperata cylindrica), cemara tress (Casuarina trifolia as well as Casuarina). Wildlife institute inwards the commons includes deer (Cervus timorensis) although they are difficult to spot. Othe mammals include dark silvery leafed monkeys or lutung (Presbytis cristata). Birds recorded inwards the commons include Eagles (Spizaetus cerhatus). And white cockatoos amongst yellowish crests (Cacatua sulphurea ocidentale).


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