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known house on the southward coast is Lombok BestplacetovisitinIndonesia; Kuta Beach Lombok

The best-known house on the southward coast is Lombok's Kuta Beach (Sometime spelt 'Kute Beach'), a magnificent stretch of white sand together with blueish ocean amongst rugged hills ascent merely about it, but non much else. Plenty of proficient waves intermission on the reefs merely about hither - many supposedly “Secret”. There are lefts together with rights inwards the bay inwards front end of Kuta, together with some to a greater extent than on reefs due east of Tanjung Aan. Local boatman volition conduct maintain yous out for a few thousands rupiah. Go almost vii km due east of Kuta to line-fishing inwards Gerupuk village, where in that location are several potential breaks on the reefs at the entrance of Gerupuk Bay. Again access is past times local line-fishing boat.

There's to a greater extent than breaks farther due east together with west, from Blongas to Serewi. Also known every bit Putri Nyale Beach, Kuta on the southward coast of central Lombok is 1 of the most scenic together with unspoiled beaches inwards this business office of Indonesia. From Kuta to Tanjung Aan 5 km away, it is an unbroken stretch of gear upwards clean white sand on the Indian Ocean. It is rubber for bathing together with swimming. Further to the westward are the surfers together with air current surfer's beaches. Each year, on the 19th twenty-four lx minutes menses of the 10th calendar month of Sasak lunar calendar on February or March when Nyale fish come upwards to the sea's surface, Kuta Beach is the site of neat festivities. Fishermen canvass out to ocean spell immature men together with women get together along the beach to bring together inwards the merrymaking, tease each other together with mayhap come across to construct a to a greater extent than lasting relationship.

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