Travel Amongst Me: A Trip To Hatta Fort Amongst Sharky Knows

Last calendar week nosotros had business office 1 of our honeymoon risk inwards Singapore which was lovely to reminisce about.  This calendar week I am i time once again joined past times some other lovely blogger who is taking us on an risk to Hatta Fort hotel which is on the edge of Sultanate of Oman together with Dubai....yep yous guessed it the lovely Charlotte is a immature human being Dubai blogger over at Sharky Knows.  I love Charlotte's weblog equally she is currently embarking on a toddler arts and crafts calendar week past times calendar week which is alphabet based, a item favourite was Q-week and I am impressed she establish crafts to do!  She also heads out and explores Dubai, uncovering places I must become uncovering when the infant arrives.

This interview really made me smiling because I lead keep inwards fact been upwardly to Hatta Fort hotel for tiffin amongst the husband, Father-in-Law together with toddler when my father-in-law was final over.  This was a nostalgic trip for the married adult man together with father-in-law equally they did inwards fact remain in that location inwards the 80's, looks equally though it hasn't changed much....without farther ado I manus yous over to Charlotte!

Where are yous taking us to today?

Hatta Fort hotel, Hatta, Dubai. 

What variety of trip was it, adventure, beach, relax, sightseeing?  

Relaxing past times the pool, character solid unit of measurement fourth dimension variety of trip!

Tell me all nearly it; where yous stayed, nutrient yous ate, how the picayune someone took it all!

During Feb one-half term this year, my parents were visiting us hither inwards Dubai. They were staying for 2 weeks together with piece my married adult man was on one-half term vacation (he's a teacher), nosotros decided to lead keep a black inwards a hotel simply a brusk drive from Dubai. We chose Hatta Fort hotel, equally nosotros had heard some keen reviews nearly it. 

It took some an hr together with a quarter to acquire there, including navigating the boarder command points of Oman. The hotel was great, it felt a picayune dated, but inwards a adept way. Like yous were on vacation In the 80s. The staff were fab in that location together with couldn't create plenty for us, genuinely making us experience welcome. We stayed inwards a villa which was made upwardly of 2 bedrooms, living expanse together with enclosed individual garden featuring a jacuzzi. The accommodation was perfect together with nosotros really appreciated the safe, individual exterior infinite for William. 

Most of our fourth dimension in that location was spent past times the pool, relaxing, swimming together with playing amongst our boy William who is 3 years old. He had a wonderful time! We had some really exceptional times amongst him practicing his swimming together with making existent progress. There were lots of activities to lead keep business office inwards at the hotel. nosotros tried mini golf game (which was hilarious amongst a 3 yr onetime who had never played before, a competitive married adult man together with a rattling competitive but slightly rubbish dad!). As nosotros entirely stayed for i black nosotros could non consummate all they had on offering together with so inwards a agency it was a shame nosotros couldn't remain for longer.  

We had some keen meals at Hatta fort. The breakfast inwards the morn was simply spot on! Actual existent pork bacon (a surprise jewel considering its a Muslim country), all the fruit, cereals together with pastries yous could eat. This is where nosotros acquire our money's worth equally William simply ate together with ate together with ate! We visited their gazebo eating seat inwards the eventide for dinner together with were treated really good past times the staff. The nutrient was delicious, eating seat was set dorsum together with and so slow to lead keep William to. The staff made a existent fuss of him. 

William has stayed inwards a few hotels inwards his brusk life, business office of the joys of an expat life I guess. So he takes everything inwards his stride instantly together with settles inwards easily to novel places. He enjoyed spending fourth dimension amongst his grandparents together with gave us many laughs. 

Why did yous select to say us nearly this holiday?

Holidays abroad are wonderful, together with nosotros lead keep had a few amongst William. But sometimes a quick getaway somewhere to a greater extent than local tin acquire out yous equally refreshed together with go simply equally much fun. And cheaper. We establish a bargain amongst the Groupon website for our remain at Hatta fort, together with if yous are flexible amongst dates yous tin acquire some keen deals on stay-cations. It was also a keen house to lead keep visitors equally it's non also far from the centre of Dubai. 

What is your favourite retention from this trip?

We had a fab fourth dimension at Hatta fort amongst my parents, lots of laughs playing mini golf, climbing upwardly the colina to encounter the keen persuasion overlooking Hatta together with the mountains. But my absolute favourite memories volition go of the times William spent inwards the puddle amongst my married adult man together with I. Learning to swim, He held his breath together with dived into the water, kicking his picayune legs equally difficult equally he could to achieve my husband. The await on my husbands confront of pure love together with pride along amongst Williams enthusiasm together with excitement really melted my heart!

What did yous larn nearly travelling amongst babies/toddlers/children from this experience?

The hotel was good equipped for kids together with in that location was plenty to do. However simply spending fourth dimension together was what nosotros enjoyed most. My married adult man plant difficult during the calendar week together with doesn't acquire much fourth dimension amongst William, together with fifty-fifty though I am a remain at dwelling mum at the moment, I notwithstanding uncovering myself busy at dwelling amongst cooking together with cleaning etc. together with so to pass character fourth dimension together where nosotros weren't distracted past times chores, operate or TV, was wonderful. 
I experience similar I lead keep learnt to appreciate these solid unit of measurement times more. To acquire out the iPad behind, acquire inwards the puddle or play games amongst my boy together with really interact. Who knows, this mightiness go the outset memories he has for the residuum of his life! 

What is your go past times tip for travelling amongst picayune people?

Relax! I know it's easier said than done but actually, when yous allow become a bit, things seem to become easier. If travelling on a plane together with changing fourth dimension zones, forget nearly schedules together with simply fly it! Your children volition figure things out for themselves. H5N1 few belatedly nights aren't the halt of the world, together with so savor your holidays!

Oh, together with lead keep lots together with lots of snacks!!!

Thank yous Charlotte!  If yous desire to read to a greater extent than nearly Charlotte together with William's adventures inwards Dubai caput on over to Sharky Knows, I also should lead keep mentioned she is a fab crocheter together with yous tin uncovering some creations on her InstagramPinterest and Facebook page along amongst weblog post links together with Dubai tips!

As always, if yous would similar to lead keep business office inwards my "Travel amongst me..." serial I would love to lead keep you, delight acquire inwards comport upon amongst me past times electronic mail on see yous on our side past times side adventure!


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