Bali Beach: Gebogan, Balinese Offering Civilisation To The God

In every ceremony inwards the Hindus temple, the Hindus commonly brand offerings to the God called 'Gebogan'. There are ii kinds of 'gebogan'. First is 'gebogan' that contains with Balinese flowers. Second 'gebogan' which contains with Balinese fruit. 'Gebogan' dedicated to God is the sort 'gebogan' comprise with Balinese fruits. Basically, they are arrangements of fruit, colorful flowers, chicken roasted together with sugariness cakes stacked on exceed of i another, forming cylindrical towers. These objects are non ever combined together, however, together with you lot volition oft notice 'gebogan' made upward of either simply flowers or fruit, depending on the purpose. The offerings are attached to a banana tree torso past times abrupt bamboo skewers. The base of operations of a 'gebogan' tin hand the sack endure either a wooden 'dulang' or a metallic 'bokor' which back upward the weight of the tower. Coconut-leaf decorations, known equally 'sampian', ornament the exceed of the offerings. 

What is included inwards 'gebogan' volition vary from i component subdivision of Bali to or together with then other based on local tradition. But the offering is ever a gorgeous sight to endure hold. After they finished to brand the 'Gebogan' they pick out it to the temple to endure prayed over. Once all the rituals are over, the 'gebogan' are taken habitation together with the nutrient is shared alongside solid unit of measurement together with friends. Since nutrient spoils rapidly inwards the tropics, it is either consumed direct away or given away to visitors. If you lot ever take in Balinese post-ceremony time, they volition for sure offering you lot fruit together with cakes which come upward direct off a 'gebogan'. Traditionally, 'gebogan' exclusively served equally offerings to God together with were symbolic of all that is establish inwards nature. These days, however, 'gebogan' besides component subdivision equally decorations or ornaments for hotels, parties, exceptional occasions, simply similar ornamental bamboo poles (penjor). 



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