Bestplacetovisitinindonesia; Primary Objects On Rinjani Mountain

  • The Peak of Rinjani
The people of Lombok believe that the superlative of Mt. Rinjani is where Dewi Anjani, the Queen spirit together with ruler of Mt. Rinjani live. To the S – E from the superlative inwards a ocean of dust called “Segara Muncar” is the invisible palace of the queen Dewi Anjani together with her follower, They expert spirits. According to a storey almost the queen spirit Dewi Anjani she was the immature adult woman of a King who would non let her to hook upward alongside her boyfriend. At a boundary called Mandala she disappeared together with changed from the existent basis to the spirit world.
  • Mount BARU JARI
Gunung Baru is the cry of the novel volcano, which emerged inwards the midpoint of Segara Anak Lake. People believe that Gunung Baru erupted it volition non terms the people of Lombok unless the erupted is from the superlative of Mt. Rinjani.
Some people said that the 1994 Gunung Baru erupted was caused past times spirits who were edifice something because the stones that erupted were arranged inwards an orderly together with attractive way at the human foot of Gunung Baru. (Around September 2004 Gunung Baru was erupted again).
  • Segara Anak Lake
Segara Anak Lake is together with then broad it appears similar the ocean alongside its bluish water, the cry Segara Anak way Child of the Sea. Segara Anak Lake holds diverse mysteries together with invisible powers. People experience content to remain a long fourth dimension inwards this house because of the large community of the mysterious spirits, which alive some the lake. The local people believe that if the lake looks broad when seen at a distance, it is sign they volition alive to an erstwhile age; or if the lake seems narrow, it is a sign of a brusk age.
So inwards lodge non to hold out pessimistic, people rapidly purify themselves past times lifting upward their spirit together with calm mortal together with hold off at the lake contentedly. In the expanse of the lake, it forbidden to convey sexual intercourse, complain or tell muddied things. We mush hold out patient when facing problem.
  • Healing Hot Spring
Aiq Kalak way Hot Water together with it is used to cure diverse diseases. One of the hot springs named “Pengkereman jembangan” which is way a house for dipping. The water, which spurts out of the boundary is rattling hot. Weapon such every bit Kris, sword, large knives, together with lances are dipped inwards the boundary to exam their magic power. If the weapon popular off sticky, it hateful that the weapon is bad together with has no magical power.
However if the weapon remain unchanged it way that the weapon has supernatural ability together with the strength volition hold out increased. People every bit good used hot boundary to brand medicine from kokosnoot cream. After dipping bottle of kokosnoot cream inwards the hot boundary if the liquid popular off clear together with oily it tin forcefulness out hold out role advertizing medicinal oil. Than the medicinal stone oil is used for expert things together with is called “Siu Satus Tunggal” which way that it tin forcefulness out hold out used to cure a G kinds of diseases.
  • Cave
1 of the 3 famous Caves ( Goa Susu, Goa Payung, dan Goa Manik ), Susu Cave is a expert house for self reflection together with its frequently used every bit a house to meditate. the people alongside dirty together with envious hear volition convey difficulty entering Susu Cave which has narrow entrance, precisely people alongside noble together with pure hear volition easily piece of job inwards the cave.
Inside the cave H2O drips from the tip of a stone which looks similar a nipple, together with then people tell the H2O inwards Goa Susu tastes different. within Goa Susu is hot together with in that place is a lot of smoke which looks similar cooking steam together with then people telephone vociferation upward this Menguku (Hot House ) together with sometimes people telephone vociferation upward it Roentgen ( X-Ray ).


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