Bali Beach: Otonan | The Hindu's Balinese Birthday

Otonan – Balinese Birthday

If the people beyond Bali celebrate their birthday alongside a party, the Hindu Balinese celebrate their birthday alongside a ceremony. This ceremony is called Otonan or Ngotonin. Different alongside the birthday anniversary that using solely the calculation of the engagement together with month, Otonan conducted every half-dozen months (210 days) i time past times using the Balinese Calender calculation, 1 calendar month = 35 days.

Otonan (birthday) is an immensely of import celebration for the Hindu Balinese. It constitutes right minute to reorganize, encourage the human relationship of human self alongside the 4 integrated companions every bit the otonan contains ii dimensional aspects, both sekala (visible) together with niskala (invisible). By this, it is too expected to promote harmony betwixt the trunk alongside soul together with lastly accomplish eternal bliss hither together with after.
Otonan is a solar daytime when Balinese aware of their self. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Balinese woman raise ever holler back when her child’s otonan is though the woman raise is illiterate she tin count correctly when the solar daytime of otonan is. The key travel of an otonan is to purify together with select spiritual strength.

Balinese don’t celebrate their birthdays alongside cake, candles together with presents together with at that spot are no formal invitations. Instead, the menage unit of measurement makes offerings called natab together with the individual whose birthday it is volition pray for health, happiness together with guidance amidst wafts of ritual smoke. At the halt of the ceremony, a slice of white cotton fiber called benang sri datu is tied some the person’s right wrist, hung over the ears together with i is placed on the head. These all autumn off inward time. Whilst on the body, they are said to protect the wearer from negative influences such every bit demons known every bit butha-kala.


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