Bali Beach: The Balinese Barong Dances

 The Barong is the magical protector of Balinese village. As "lord of the forest" fantastic fanged mask together with long mane, he is the opponent of Rangda the witch, who rules oven the spirits of darkness, inwards the never ending struggle betwixt practiced together with evil. During the Galungan Kuningan festivals, the Barong (there are many types, including barong ket, barong macan, together with barong bangkal) wanders from door to door (nglawang) cleansing the territory of evil influences. 

The struggle betwixt Barong together with Rangda is besides the theme of traditional narratives, normally performed inwards the
temple of the dead. The almost famous is the even of Calonarang, a widow from Jirah who is furious because she cannot abide by a suitable married adult man for her miss Ratna manggali. All the eligible immature men are scared of her dark magic, hence she gets revenge past times wreaking havoc over the kingdom of Daha. The king, Erlanggs, tries to punish her sends to destroy her. hence Rangda decides to destroy Daha. She summons all her disciples together with inwards the withal of nighttime they instruct to the Setra ture is the role of long bamboo flutes instead of the consummate ready of gamelan together with gongs.


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