Bali Beach: The Household Of Raminten, Fusion Culinary Too Culture

Yogyakarta ever has a distinctive features, ranging from culture, culinary too tourist attractions. One of features is presented inwards shape of restaurant, namely The House of Raminten. The House of Raminten is a option eatery too hangouts inwards Yogyakarta. This eatery built at Dec 26, 2008 alongside possessor is Hamzah. HS. 

H5N1 eatery that was built alongside the concept of unique, antique too elegant provides a distinction from other restaurants. Javanese atmosphere experience then hard. Strains of gending (Javanese song) welcome visitors who come upwards without stopping. Not alone that, waiters who have on wear alongside a combinations of a jarik too a dark vest alongside a handily utter inwards his paw adds a unique impression of this restaurant.

The House of Raminten offers culinary alongside unique too especial dish inwards a restaurant. The uniqueness of dish too mention that is packaged inwards a distinction Yogyakarta's culinary equally an example es perawan (virgin ice), nasi kucing (rice cat), es monster (monster ice), ayam koteka (cock koteka) too others. At an affordable price, makes it fifty-fifty to a greater extent than famous too everyday ever sum of visitors.

H5N1 fusion betwixt culinary too cultural that produces unique inwards a restaurant. The House of Raminten opened 24 hours too has iii place inwards Yogyakarta such equally FM Noto street, Kaliurang street too visitors tin give the sack works life it at tertiary flooring of Mirota Batik Yogyakarta. 

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Cock Koteka

The House of Raminten
The House of Raminten


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