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Bunut Bolong is 1 unique tourist finish located inward Manggisari Village, Pekutatan Sub district, Jembrana Regency. Bunut Bolong is a sacred tree which has a hole inward its body, situated on the ridge of a colina amongst light-green tropical woods surrounding. This tree is named according to its unique character, "Bunut" is a Balinese advert of a large tree species which has a similar feature every bit Bayan tree as well as the discussion "Bolong" way hole. Hence, Bunut Bolong way a Buntut tree which has a hole. The unique as well as sacred tree has a hole on the bottom, the diameter of the hole is then large that a route is built through it. People who lives nearly the tree believes that the tree has a potent magical aura.

On the side of the road, in that location is a shrine which accompanies this sacred tree. It is known every bit the Pujangga Sakti Temple, the temple is to laurels the slap-up sage Dang Hyang Sidhi Mantra which was believed who happened to run yesteryear the tree hundreds of years ago. Many Hindu people who run yesteryear this tree would cease yesteryear as well as acquaint an offering. The locals besides believe that the myth of Bunut Bolong is that brides as well as grooms should non run yesteryear nether the tree, if they produce their matrimony would fail. On the westward side of the tree, visitors would run into a scenery of light-green tropical woods stretching from due south to north, it is really beautiful as well as refreshing.

Bunut Bolong is a tourist attraction inward a really natural condition, dissimilar other tourist attraction, parking area, toilets, restaurants as well as souvenir shops are non provided here. There are alone modest stalls selling elementary snacks as well as drinks. The air is fresh as well as sometimes it tin instruct misty, an interesting house to watch for visitors who would similar to accept a tour to a tranquility as well as peaceful place. Bunut Bolong is ordinarily visited yesteryear domestic tourists, but sometimes unusual tourists besides watch come upward as well as watch this tourist attraction although the release is non every bit much every bit the domestic tourists.

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