Bali Beach: Subak Museum - Historic Balinese Agricultural Site

Subak Museum is a museum that shows the highlight of the Balinese agricultural organization that is known equally Subak.The museum has diverse collection of Balinese traditional agriculture tools together with erstwhile documentation. It is located inward Sanggulan Village, Kediri sub district, Tabanan regency. Approximately 2 kilometers inward the eastward of Tabanan town together with virtually four kilometers due west of the route intersection leading to kediri. It takes virtually 40minutes to accomplish this museum from Denpasar city. Subak Museum is opened for world together with it is i of the tourist goal inward the due west component subdivision of Bali, Tabanan regency. 

Entering the museum, visitors volition sense a cool atmosphere due to the large trees that shade the museum. Subak museum was officiated past times the Governor of Bali on the 13th of Oct 1981. This museum consists of 2 principal buildings, an opened edifice together with a unopen building. In the opened edifice visitors may run across a miniature of Subak demonstration. The objects that are displayed inward this edifice are farmer equipments that include equipments that are used to brand irrigation system, farm processing, crop conservation, harvesting together with about kitchen equipments. The unopen edifice consists of a library, purpose together with an exhibition stand upward where visitors are able to run across demonstration of the object related to farmer run together with a visual well narrating Subak activities.

Subak museum is opened on weekdays from 8:00am until 17:00pm together with 8:00am until 13:00pm on Fridays together with Saturdays, the museum is unopen on Sundays. The admission fee is solely Rp 5.000 for adults together with Rp 3.000 for kids. This museum is worth for a take in because visitors exceed away to know all the equipments together with the lifestyle of Bali inward the past.

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