Bali Beach: Puri Saren An Artistic Cultural Palace

Puri Saren or Ubud palace is a historical edifice that is silent maintained well. It is located inward the oculus of Ubud, Gianyar regency, most 1 hr displace from Denpasar City. Puri Saren is a beautiful Ubud kingdom palace alongside traditional houses equally a residence of Ubud King. The cultural heritage is silent sustainable until now, makes this palace equally 1 of the most visited tourist attraction inward Ubud. Puri Saren is visited yesteryear many visitors everyday, visitors must vesture polite wearing clothing when entering the palace in addition to are non allowed to survive loud or noisy within the palace area.

This palace is a cultural life oculus founded yesteryear Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel during his reign from 1800-1823. He built Puri Saren in addition to his generation keeps maintaining the authenticity in addition to beingness of the palace though the feudal era is becoming modern era. In the past, Puri Saren was solely earmarked for the kingdom families, however, these days, it is opened for populace equally a tourist object. The Palace is completed alongside Wantilan or an auditorium for assemblies. In the evening, diverse types of fine art performances are performed inward this Palace, Puri Saren is besides a house to dice along the beingness of the Balinese cultural arts such equally Balinese dances, musics in addition to literature. 

Across the palace at that topographic point is a traditional marketplace equally but about other tourist goal for visitors afterward visiting the artistic Ubud Palace. Besides a traditional market, at that topographic point are many fine art shops, restaurants in addition to hotels for visitors who wants to accept a longer remain inward Ubud.

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