Bali Beach: Petitenget Temple - To A Greater Extent Than Or Less Other Beautiful Beachside Temple

Petitenget Temple is a Hindu Temple located inward Banjar Batu Belig, Kerobokan Village, Kuta, Badung Regency. It is close xx minutes away from Ngurah Rai International Airport. This temple is ane of the Dang Khayangan Temple inward Bali. It is an interesting Temple to catch due to its unique architecture as well as its nature surroundings. The temple is gear upward inward a higher province as well as inward the W of the temple lays a beautiful Petitenget beach amongst greyish white sand. There are several shrines inward this temple, locals come upward as well as pray regularly to this temple.

The discussion Petitenget is derived shape 2 words Peti which agency coven as well as Tenget which agency haunted, the temple was built inward the 15th century as well as the history tells that the temple was placed inward a wild expanse sum of bushes as well as huge trees merely similar an untamed field. H5N1 priest called Dang Hyang Dwijendra left Serangan isle as well as arrived inward Kerobokan Village. There he met Bhuta Ijo, a spirit which is believed to accept a rattling scary look. Before leaving the village, the priest gave Bhuta Ijo a box looking similar a coven as well as told him to guard it. The priest left to Uluwatu for a meditation, during his meditation, a visitor from Kerobokan Village came to him for help. The men told the priest close the expanse inward Kerobokan which was rattling bad for the inhabitants, because every fourth dimension someone entered the land, that somebody volition become sick. As a solution, the priest built a temple which is at in ane lawsuit known equally the Petitenget Temple.

In forepart of the temple, at that spot is a large parking area. The parking expanse is by as well as large used past times visitors who come upward to catch the beautiful beach close the Petitenget Beach. The expanse is surrounded past times villas, hotels as well as restaurants, hence this expanse is becoming a keen tourist destinations. The beach is crowded inward the mornings as well as afternoons, many locals come upward to play at the beach, for domestic dog lovers, it is a keen house to catch because at that spot are many people come upward to this beach amongst their dogs as well as diverse breed of dogs tin laissez passer the axe hold out flora inward the beach.

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Petitenget Beach

Petitenget Beach


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