Bali Beach: Bali Frangipani Garden - The Menage Of Frangipani

Taman Jepun or Bali Frangipani Garden is a cracking bloom garden located inwards the centre of Denpasar City, inwards Jalan Hayam wuruk. Bunga Jepun or Frangipani bloom is widely used inwards ritual offerings, decorations together with every bit garden plants inwards Bali. The garden has an surface area of 2.5 hectares together with it is a exceptional garden that collects diverse types of Frangipani flowers. Situated inwards the centre of the metropolis makes this garden every bit 1 of a tourist attraction but alone few people honour the presence of this garde. For visitors who likes flowers, it is recommended to convey a watch to this beautiful Frangipani Garden. Visitors tin relax together with bask a unlike atmosphere of bloom garden.

This Frangipani Garden was opened inwards 2011, it collects almost 400 Frangipani (2 to 10 meters tall) trees amongst unlike species together with brought inwards from unusual countries such every bit Latin America, India, some countries from Southeast Asia together with Balinese Frangipani itself. Some scarce species that may hold out to a greater extent than than a hundred years tin too hold out institute inwards this garden. The garden is lay out neatly completed amongst fish ponds. Entering the garden, visitors would meet beautiful Frangipani trees lining up. Especially on flowering flavor during May to November, visitors may meet lots of colorful Frangipani amongst cracking scents.

The garden is opened from 7:00am until 20:00pm, the enterance fee is alone Rp. 30.000 per person. Outbound activities such every bit flight fox, camping ground Earth together with other children parks are provided inwards this garden amongst additional fees. H5N1 eating theatre is cook to serve visitors amongst delicious drinks together with meals later having a stroll roughly the garden. This garden is too available to hold out rented every bit a marriage ceremony together with political party venues. 

More photos:

Children playing Earth

The eating theatre inwards Taman Jepun

The pond inwards Taman Jepun 

Camping Earth


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