Bali Beach: Ayung River Bang-Up Nature Of Bali

Ayung River is the longest river inwards Bali, it runs 75 kilometers from the northern mount ranges too discharges into Badung Strait at Sanur nearly Denpasar. The river traverse five regency inwards Bali. The root of H2O from the mountains inwards Kintamani, equally good equally the confluence of the modest rivers that flows to Ayung River makes the river menses quite heavy. The payoff of this river is used past times the rafting companies equally a non bad rafting recreation for both domestic too unusual tourists.

Besides the non bad river flow, Ayung River likewise offers non bad views of cliffs too beautiful light-green scenery. Along the upstream, visitors may abide by a bat cave betwixt the light-green scenery too modest waterfall, at that topographic point are likewise Ramayana Epic carvings inwards some of the cliffs of Ayung River. Various types of uniqueness are presented inwards this river peculiarly for nature lovers, visiting too challenging the Rafting inwards Ayung River is a non bad attraction. Unforgettable memories too experiences volition last given to all visitors afterward tried the Ayung River Rafting. Tourist facilities are consummate some the area, it is worth a see for tourists who wishing to encounter the nature of Bali.

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