Where To Decease Olfactory Organ Piercing Inward Mumbai?

Remember my ship service from here? I've been wanting to larn my olfactory organ pierced since eons. The alone argue I was resisting is non because I wasn't convinced of the thought merely because of 2 reasons a) I was scared it may react badly as well as volition larn out a scar on my face. b) I was looking for the perfect house to larn it done. I wanted a house where they create gun shot piercing as well as was hygienic,experienced as well as safe.

After bespeak a few people I shortlisted on these three places:

  • Al's at Bandra  - This is the house where I got my tattoo done. And was considering going there,but I got mixed reviews close this house for piercing
  • Le Bijou at Bandra - Recommended yesteryear a friend. But this house is actually tiny and, also my friend had gone at that spot a long fourth dimension agone thence was non certain how good create they create it now
  • Cutis Clinic at Bandra - Recommended yesteryear an aunt who had gone at that spot to cook her earlobe piercing. This house is a peel hospital as well as they possess got trained people on board, super hygienic as well as professional. Thus this was the house i decided to larn to. Click on the advert as well as you lot tin run into their website as well as to a greater extent than or less pictures of their clinic.

The experience

Having taken a prior engagement for me as well as a friend, the hospital sent me a message to confirm the same as well as a reminder on the twenty-four hours of the appointment. After arriving at the clinic, they seated us as well as asked us to create amount a shape , ship service which they took our profile pictures for their record.

They as well as so escorted us to a room where they rested uson reclining chair. The doctor/skin goodness came inwards as well as helped us create upwards one's hear the exact spot on the olfactory organ where the piercng would possess got house alongside the aid of a blood-red marker. She as well as so placed the tiny swarovski stud inwards the gun as well as shot it inwards my nose. I'll live honest here. I was dumb for a carve upwards second. It felt similar a abrupt THUD on the olfactory organ every bit if someone's striking you lot actually difficult on it. And at that spot is afterward hurting every bit well, which lasted for 2 days. But the goodness was quite comforting as well as did endeavor to console us maxim it'll subside.

We were as well as so each given an anti septic gel  to apply on our olfactory organ for a calendar week so at that spot is no peel reaction to the piercing (I also regularly applied petroleum  on the piercing to brand the stud loose, on my mom's advice).

My source selfie ship service piercing!
Overall I was quite satisfied alongside this house as well as would recommend it to anyone who wants to larn piercing done.

Fees Charged: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lilliputian expensive compared to what other places charge- INR 2000 inclusive of the titanium swarovski olfactory organ stud. 

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