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Legong Dance is a classical Balinese trip the low-cal fantastic that was originally developed inwards Pelitan Village, Ubud, Gianyar Regency. This trip the low-cal fantastic was originally performed to entertain the manful someone monarch in addition to his family. Legong is derived from ii words. "Leg" which way flexible in addition to "Gong" which way the Gamelan, thus the important of Legong is a drive that is saltation or affected past times the accompany of a Gamelan. Legong trip the low-cal fantastic has a really complex motion, it is characterized amongst intricate finger movements, complicated footwork in addition to expressive facial expressions.

The story  is almost a prince of Sukwati vicious sick in addition to had a dream almost ii maidens danced to Gamelan music. When he recovered, he arranged in addition to made ii maidens trip the low-cal fantastic inwards reality. But others believe that Legong is originated past times a ceremony involving ii girls past times beneficent spirits. Legong is every bit good danced at world festivals.

The trip the low-cal fantastic is performed past times 3 dancers inwards glittering costumes. H5N1 woman someone attendant of the court, ii identically dressed Legongs who adopts the purpose of regal persons. Legong dancers bring to acquire the basic displace outset from the grooming of the posture, movements in addition to mimicry.Legong dancers are unremarkably girls who bring non reached puberty. They laid out grooming at almost the historic menses of five. The ancient Legong used to bring a storyteller, but these days, they are solely trip the low-cal fantastic performances. Legong trip the low-cal fantastic is danced regularly inwards diverse parts of Ubud, Gianyar regency.  

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