Bali Beach: Kuningan Solar Daytime - Balinese Families Blessing

Galungan Holiday celebration. It is too celebrated every 210 days according to the Balinese calender precisely 10 days later on the Galungan celebration. Balinese people believe that Kuningan 24-hour interval is the 24-hour interval when ancestors render to sky later on visiting their identify unit of measurement on globe during Galungan celebration. Kuningan is derived from the give-and-take Kuning which agency xanthous because on this 24-hour interval Balinese people brand xanthous rice which is placed on a pocket-sized bowl made out of kokosnoot together with this xanthous rice is offered to God together with the ancestors. After it is offered, the xanthous rice volition endure eaten past times the families. 

This xanthous rice is a symbol of human's gratitude towards God for all that has been given; life, joy, wealth together with prosperity. On Kuningan 24-hour interval it is too believed that Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (God) is approving together with giving prosperity to the whole world. Balinese people tell that the celebration should endure done earlier noon because God, Goddess together with the holy ancestral render to sky inward the midday.

Tamiang together with Endongan decorations are hanged exterior the homes together with temples of Balinese people on Kuningan day. Tamiang is formed circular equally a shield to correspond protection together with defense forcefulness to remind humans of karma together with that they should protect them selves from bad behaviors. Endongan agency bags of provisions. It is a symbol of nutrient furnish for the journeying of the ancestors from globe to heaven. But from the spiritual sentiment it represents the essential provisions that every human should acquit (knowledge together with homage). In roughly villages, Barongs are going from solid to solid followed past times kids playing traditional musics, people hand Canang amongst Sesari(money) to the Barong together with the arong volition trip the lite fantastic together with bless the villagers solid together with family.

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Yellow rice offering

Barong together with kids playing 
traditional musics

Yellow rice offering


Yellow rice offering


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