Bali Beach: Jalak Bali - Rare Nativity Preserved Urgently

Jalak Bali or known equally Bali Myna is an endemic species of Myna Bird institute inwards Bali. This plane has been designated equally the creature symbol of Bali inwards 1991, in addition to it is featured on the Indonesian Rp 200 coin. Jalak Bali tin survive institute inwards the West Bali National Park, Negara Regency in addition to Nusa Penida Island. This nativity is critically endangered, because many people grab this plane illegally in addition to cutting downwards wood where they alive inwards the nature. The exact release of Jalak Bali Bird remaining inwards the wild is unknown.

The adult Jalak Bali come upwards inwards size near 25 centimeters, it is covered amongst white feathers. The plane has a drooping crest in addition to dark wing-tips in addition to tail tip. It has a xanthous nib in addition to circular eyes, closed to the eyes in addition to legs at that spot are bluish bare pare which makes the plane await beautiful. The characteristic of the manful individual in addition to woman individual plane is similar, the manful individual plane is slightly bigger inwards size in addition to has longer crest than the woman individual bird. 

Besides the beautiful look, Jalak Bali too pick out sudden chattering in addition to an emphatic twat. They commonly alive inwards groups in addition to brand a living past times fruit, seeds, insects in addition to modest insects. During the breeding seasons, the manful individual attract the woman individual birds past times calling in addition to chattering loudly. The woman individual plane commonly position in addition to incubate two to three eggs, both manful individual in addition to woman individual Jalak Bali pick out nutrient for their chicks afterward hatching.

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200 Rupiah money

Jalak Bali Chicks


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