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Gebogan is a large offering that is made when in that location is an anniversary inward a Temple. Gebogan tin hold upward 1 to ii meters high, they are offerings of fruit that women bear to the temple. The actually tall Gebogan offering bespeak or thence skills to carry. This offering is mainly made out of scheme of fruits, colorful flowers, small-scale rice pyramids, grated coconut,  roasted peanuts in addition to sweetness traditional Balinese cake. All of the objects are stacked on exceed of 1 or thence other forming a cylindrical towers. The offerings attached to a banana tree body past times abrupt bamboo skewers. The base of operations of a Gebogan tin hold upward wooden or sometimes metallic which back upward the weight of the Gebogan tower. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Sampian or kokosnoot leafage decorations are besides used equally an ornament on exceed of the offerings.

Women commonly bear the Gebogan on their heads, 1 time they attain the temple, Dupa or incense sticks are position on the Gebogan, the Gebogan is thence placed inward front end of the the Temple, bales, or opened upward pavilions, piece the maker of the Gebogan makes their devotion. The Gebogan volition hold upward blessed past times the priest in addition to it is offered to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (God). When prayers conduct maintain been said, the Gebogan is carried habitation in addition to those who wants to swallow the cakes in addition to fruits, they may swallow them. God has partaken of the Sari of the offering in addition to it tin no longer hold upward used for religious purposes in that location are no prohibition to swallow the nutrient except for or thence high priests. Sometimes fruits in addition to cakes are eaten correct inward the temple or the makers may gain away their fruits in addition to cake to other visitors of the temple.

Gebogan was traditionally served equally offerings to God in addition to a symbol of all that is flora inward nature. But right away days, gebogan are besides made for decorations in addition to ornaments for particular occasions in addition to parties.

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Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 adult woman making Gebogan

Gebogan beingness offered to God

The base of operations of a Gebogan


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