Bali Beach: Candidasa - Beach Attraction On The Due East Purpose Of Bali

Candidasa is a tourist attraction located inward Amuk Bay, it is pop every bit a diving topographic point inward Bali. Small islands inward Amuk Bay such every bit Gili Tepekong, Gili Biaha together with Gili Mimpang gives smashing diving experiences for visitors, every bit good diving spot, it is also a smashing surfing topographic point for surfers. Candidasa is a beautiful resort located inward Karangasem regency, it is virtually lx kilometers from Denpasar metropolis together with it about stimulate got two hours to achieve Candidasa from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Hotels, villas, guesthouses together with bungalows are non difficult to abide by about the area.

The beautiful beach is appropriate for visitors who wants to relax together with bask the beautiful beach panorama. The beach atmosphere is relatively calm amongst overnice body of body of water breeze. Some parts of the beach stimulate got soft dark sand together with some parts also stimulate got white coral sands. There are many Gazebo together with nutrient stalls provided on the seasides which gives to a greater extent than ease for visitors. There are also traditional boats called jukung that tin stimulate got visitors larn nigh together with run across the modest islands about the Bay, visitors tin also produce activities such every bit line-fishing together with snorkeling. Candidasa is a proficient beach resort selection for unusual visitors who see Bali.

Other Tourist attraction located nigh Candidasa are Tenganan, Ujung, Tirtagangga together with Odessey Submarine Bali recreation where visitors tin explore beautiful underwater scene, it is the exclusively submarine inward Bali together with takes visitors dive 35 meters nether the sea.

More Photos:

The modest islands of Gili Tepekong, 
Gili Biaha together with Gili Mimpang

One of the beach side resort

One of the resorts inward Candidasa


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