Bali Beach: Badung Market, A Traditional House For Daily Cumsumption Bases Shopping

Badung Traditional marketplace pose is the biggest traditional marketplace pose inward Denpasar located inward Gajah Mada street apposite of Pura Desa (Village Temple) equally i of the 3 biggest temple inward Denpasar. Lots of domestic together with unusual visitors view this market, thus Badung Market is included equally an tourist attraction inward the City tour programs. The marketplace pose is is built inward a iv storey building, daily solid needs together with diverse types of handicrafts are available inward this market.

Local people who come upwardly together with store at this marketplace pose are non exclusively from the surroundings of Denpasar but equally good come upwardly from exterior towns. Especially earlier large Hindu holidays such equally Galungan, Kuningan together with Nyepi, this marketplace pose would hold upwardly total together with crowded past times the local societies buying their needs for the ceremony. Badung Market tin flame non hold upwardly separated past times the beingness of a traditional marketplace pose located across the Badung river, it is the Kumbasari Market. There are specialization of goods sold betwixt Badung Market together with Kumbasari Market. In Badung Market, daily consumption needs together with materials are sold together with the prices are cheaper compared to shops inward Gajah Mada street. While Kumbasari Market is called Payuk marketplace pose (pot market) where earthenware pots, footing plates, buckets H2O jugs, kitchenware together with fifty-fifty vesture items are sold inward this market. Nowdays, fine art items for tourists are olso sold here, thus it is becoming i of the tourist destinations inward Denpasar City.

Badung Market is opened from 5:00am until 17:00pm, but inward the evening, this marketplace pose changes together with becomes an level marketplace pose called Senggol Market from 17:00pm to 5:00am the 24-hour interval after. Meanwhile the Senggol Market inward Kumbasari is opened from 14:00pm until 23:30pm. Visitors tin flame uncovering diverse types of foods together with wearing clothing from adult cloths together with children clotes. Cheap Balinese, Javanese together with Chinese cookery are sold inward the level market. Visitors tin flame relish many form of foods together with beverages, it is an interesting house to explore at night.

More Photos:

The Bridge that connects Badung Market
together with kumbasari Market

The level marketplace pose

Badung Market

Kumbasari Market


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