Bali Beach: Salak Bali A Unique Gustatory Modality Of Serpent Fruit

Salak or Snake fruit is an Indonesian master fruit. It is called Snake fruit because this fruit is covered past times scales that looks similar a snake. Salak Bali or Salak Gula Pasir (white saccharide salak) is a type of Salak that is planted inward the eastern business office of Bali, Karangasem regency. Salak Bali grows good inward Karangasem because it is located 800 - 1.000 meters inward a higher house body of body of water grade as well as the fertile soil afterwards Mount Agung's eruption inward 1963. The harvesting fourth dimension of the fruit is vi months, farmers harvest their fruit during the rainy seasons from Dec to April. The cost of Salak Bali varies from Rp 15.000 to Rp 30.000 per kilogram depending on the fourth dimension of the year, easily constitute inward super markets, traditional markets as well as inward unopen to tourist attractions.

Salak Bali is dissimilar from other types of Salak because of its sweetness. It has a pointed piece of employment past times which makes it slowly to move peeled past times hand. After peeling the skin, in that location volition move a sparse layer of silky membrane on the fruit. This membrane should move removed earlier eating the fruit. Salak Bali unremarkably incorporate three lobes alongside sweetness as well as slightly starchy taste.

Sibetan village, Karangasem regency, produces vino from Salak. Many tourists come upward to run into the procedure of making Salak wine. Peeled slices of Salak is placed into a barrel alongside a mixture of yeast, saccharide as well as water, the barrel volition move left for vi months. The vino has a content of 13% alcohol, it is sold Rp 100.000 per bottle. Besides Salak wine, unopen to people every bit good attain Salak chips , Salak jams as well as salak sweets.

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Salak Wine

Salak sweets

Salak Chips

Salak plantation

Salak jam 


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