Bali Beach: Git-Git Waterfall Bless A Fresh Atmosphere

Git-git waterfall is a famous tourist finish inward the due north business office of Bali which is located inward Git-git countryside, Sukasada sub district, Buleleng regency, nearly ten kilometers from Singaraja in addition to nearly lxx kilometers from Denpasar city. The waterfall is laid upwards at exceed reason nearly 300 meters to a higher house body of body of water degree surrounded past times tropical trees. The entrance fee is Rp 3.000, on the sides of the route in that location are several souvenir shops. To make the waterfall, visitors must follow the walkway downward until the location point. The air is cool in addition to it volition larn cooler every bit nosotros approach the waterfall, sometimes it mightiness larn misty.

There are several types of waterfalls amongst unlike shapes in addition to heights. The rootage waterfall is The Twin Falls, this autumn consists of ii waterfalls which is sheltered inward a narrow cliff surrounded past times light-green trees. The minute waterfall is a continuation of the rootage waterfall the divergence is that this autumn is higher than the Twin Fall in addition to looks similar white clouds falling from the mountain. The 3rd waterfall is called Waterfall Story, you tin solely meet this waterfall from the bridge.

Besides the beautiful waterfall, visitors may every bit good conduct keep a conduct chances to meet wild monkeys in addition to head to birds conduct keep plow to sing. Not far from the waterfall area, in that location is a relaxing house where you lot tin conduct keep residue spell viewing the beautiful rice terrace in addition to Buleleng beach.

More Photos:

The Git-git Temple

Git-git Main waterfall

   The Git-git waterfall pair

Git-git river
              Twin Falls


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