Bali Beach: Barong Shirt A Newest Bali's Style Trend

Barong is pictured equally a lion-like animate beingness together with a graphic symbol inwards the mythology of Bali, Indonesia. Barong is the virile somebody monarch of spirits, leader of the hosts of the goods. There are about variants of Barong inwards Bali such equally Lion Barong, Boar Barong, Tiger Barong together with Dragon Barong.

One of the around famous Balinese exceptional that is bought past times both domestic together with unusual tourist is the "Baju Barong Bali" or "Balinese Barong Shirt". It is a classic t-shirt amongst a feminine touch. There are diverse types of Barong pic on the t-shirt amongst many dissimilar color, models together with size choices. Baju Barong Bali is a lightweight cotton fiber jersey made out of soft textile that makes it comfortable to wear. It is suitable to this shirt when you lot are having a watch to the beach or having a opor-garai inwards a warm climate area.The cost for ane slice of Baju Barong Bali Varies from Rp 20.000 to Rp 40.000, depends on the size together with the model.

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