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After existence on vacation for 10 days inward Bali, manage the HERE, eeekk!} This weblog has allowed me to run across around amazing women, assistance me practice my dreams inward marriage planning, part my ideas inward style, entertaining, cooking, travelling as well as tips on planning the large day. It was WONDERFUL coming together around of the other ladies from the Britain weblog footing concluding night. We all got fancied upwards as well as drank lots of champagne as well as chatted nigh marriage life, which is what nosotros love. Here are a few shots from the night, delight excuse around of the character of the images, exactly hey, I couldn't resist sharing the fun amongst you. After all, you lot voted for me, THANK YOU! 
I was beyond excited to stone my novel pouffy tutu! More to come upwards on details on the "the skirt" after on this weekend. I felt similar a lilliputian Carrie Bradshaw amongst my tutu, Louboutin's as well as lots of champagne at the Ritz!
Let's beak over the ladies room at the Ritz, it is heaven;) PINK PINK PINK! I noticed I wasn't the solely blogger snapping pics inward Barbie's dream solid pulverisation room! 
Decadent is how I would pull the beautiful William Kent House at the Ritz London.  The rooms were amount of blingy chandeliers every corner you lot turned. 
Hey at that spot handsome! My Beau, my biggest blogger supporter ever. Love him!!! 
OK, this has to last the worst motion painting ever, gritty as well as dark, exactly I had to share. Mark Francis Vandelli , i of the stars of Britain's cult present Made inward Chelsea. I convey to last honest, I practice non lookout the show, exactly i of girlfriends hither LOVE IT, as well as hence this snap was for her. Mark is pretty posh sure enough as well as was a slap-up host for the night. 
Congrats to Charley at London Bride for winning best London Blog. Charley's weblog is i of my favorites since moving here, good deserved. 
I may convey non won {Ummm, I was upwards against the mecca of all the marriage blogs, Style Me Pretty and the wonderful Pretty Blog} exactly I had a actually lovely evening. 
Thank you lot to everyone who nominated me! I promise you lot continue reading as well as next along on our marriage planning adventures as well as my ideas as well as tips to add together to your large day! It was lovely coming together b.loved weddings,  bride & glory, Nu Bride, Henry & Flora, Wedding Sparrow, Whiter Than White Weddings and the wonderful editorial squad at Weddings Magazine

xoxo - Becca


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