Bali Tips Too Tricks (Especially For Muslim Traveller)

I did have some enquiries amongst regards to my honeymoon trip amongst Hubby Darling recently. Below are some of the tips as well as tricks (based on my personal views as well as opinions)

Flight ticket
Bought inwards advance during AA offering finally year.

Bali Package
At first, nosotros went to MATTA FAIR searching for honeymoon tour to BALI. On average the cost for this bundle ranging from RM1250 - RM1800 per individual for iv days three nite or it tin live on to a greater extent than depending on where y'all wanted to remain as well as the activities that included inwards the package.

I was looking for HALAL package, but sadly close of the attractive bundle that I flora inwards MATTA FAIR did non behavior the HALAL Menu 

So I collected all the honeymoon flyers as well as I decided to brand my real ain 'sweet romantica' itinerary as well as slash off the house that I was non peachy to go  That is the beauty of when y'all tin customised your itinerary yourself   

Villa as well as Hotel
Bali is then real famous amongst Villa & its individual pool. So every bit I wanted this to live on the memorable one, I opted a black remain inwards this type of Villa. You mightiness notice a proficient decent Villa at cost attain from RM350 to RM1000. You tin fifty-fifty asking the villa to brand your room on 'Honeymoon laid up' through electronic mail as well as some of the villa mightiness create the setting amongst no-cost as well as offering FREE pick-up transfer from the drome (just electronic mail as well as inquire them *subject to their ain T&C). How proficient service they direct maintain isn't it? I booked via as well as all y'all direct maintain to create is simply await for special promo or deals 

My storey - During my online Villa hunting activities, I stumbled upon this i overnice villa alone cost me simply about RM180 per black nett inclusive taxation etc via at kerobokan (North Kuta) area. The villa comes amongst bedroom, kitchen, living hall as well as individual pool. The next week, I flora that the same villa cost simply about RM260 per night, as well as eventually a calendar week afterwards the cost increase to simply about RM350 per night. Now the cost increase to simply about RM430 per night  Wallah, that is why I said earlier, larn as well as hunting for a proficient deal  The matter that I was non fond amongst the villa as well as far from my liking although I got a real proficient bargain because I flora statue within the villa which are real norm for a typical villa architecture inwards Bali then I opted for Modern Villa instead 

Hotel - You volition live on spoiled for alternative for a overnice decent hotel inwards BALI cost ranging every bit depression every bit RM120 - RM1000. Like I said above, simply google via / / etc as well as await for special promo as well as deals  For muslim, I would recommend if y'all majority HOTEL that has HALAL certificate then that y'all volition non sense breakfast nutrient mixing upwards amongst non-halal nutrient (which boleh kembang tekak  if y'all know what I mean). In fact, halal doesn't hateful alone no pork as well as no lard but how they slaughtered the animals are likewise questionable. Worry free, majority HALAL hotel as well as y'all tin salvage all the troubles  I flora listing of HALAL HOTEL here:

Ground organization (Tours only)
Thanks to Mr Google, I flora many 'Muslim Supir (Driver)' inwards Bali. From freelance driver to a service company. As this is my offset trip to Bali, I opted to role the service from a reliable companionship that has proficient reviews via tripadvisor. I was using service as well as my driver, Pak Muji was real knowledgeable (just inquire him because he has 22 years sense resides inwards Bali) as well as overnice Muslim driver. I would recommend y'all to role their service if y'all were to come upwards hither amongst your theatre unit of measurement members  The cost that they are planning to accuse us at offset amongst the below customised itinerary is alone simply about RM1200 for both (me &hubby) for iv days three nite activities inclusive cost for Romantic Dinner at Jimbaran as well as Sunset Cruise Dinner as well as other meals every bit well. But when I asked them to depository fiscal establishment jibe the halal condition on Sunset Cruise Dinner (pls Federal Reserve notation this is my customised itinerary that I re-create & glue from i bundle to some other :D), finally they confirmed me that at the minute in that place is NO HALAL card for Sunset Cruise Dinner. Actually the big chunk of the cost is for this cruise activeness which tin cost y'all simply about RM150 per person. Since I can't accept the cruise, finally I agreed to role their service every bit 'private driver' which they accuse IDR450,000 per auto (only two of us) for total solar daytime tour (around RM135) for 12 hours tour regardless the distance. All y'all demand to create is to laid upwards the entry fees, parking, makan-makan (this is a real hustle gratis because they volition convey y'all to Halal Restaurant  and y'all were likewise brought to Masjid or Musolla for Solat  (If y'all hired them for many days, mayhap y'all could nego on the cost - simply endeavour your luck)

Last solar daytime of my tour, I decided to role unlike ‘Muslim Supir’ service via operated past times freelance Supir @waris . Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 real young, energetic, decent as well as overnice Supir as well as the best matter is he managed to capture our photograph the means that I wanted it to be  Thumbs upwards y'all Waris. The accuse for his service alone IDR350000 for total solar daytime tour (around RM105).
My customised itinerary every bit below:

Day 1 - Reach BALI simply about 2pm inwards the afternoon
Airport pick-up to Villa
Uluwatu sight-seeing
Kecak Dance (This occasion volition alone accept house during sunset (maghrib) time. I simply got to know this. Bykkan baca selawat di dalam hati dan berdoa agar tidak menjadi apa-apa yang tidak diingini kerana kita berada di tempat ibadah orang lain, fourth dimension waktu maghrib dan betul-betul di tepian pantai) Take this chance to Muhasabah diri, bykkan ingat Allah dan Rasul 
Jimbaran Romantic Dinner

Day 2
Breakfast at the Villa
Late depository fiscal establishment jibe out at 10am maximizing villa facilities
Bedugul – visiting the Bratan lake & Masjid Al-Hidayah (Nice weather, macam di Cameron highland)
Treetop Adventure
Tanah Lot
Sunset dinner cruise (Cancel due to non-halal food)
Check inwards to novel Halal Hotel

Day 3
Breakfast at the Hotel
Barong trip the lite fantastic (Cancel cos’ non peachy to larn – Already sense Kecak trip the lite fantastic as well as it already plenty for us  )
Visit Perusahaan Batik
Kampung Celuk – Emas & Perak
Ubud Balinese painting
Kintamani – Volcano (Nice weather, macam di Cameron highland)
Ukiran Kayu (We asked our Supir to skip 
Go for Bali Sesi Potret (But was informed demand to pre-book)
Planning to larn Sunset Dinner in i lawsuit again at Jimbaran but due to rainy atmospheric condition nosotros went for Shopping at Kuta instead 

Day 4
Breakfast at the Hotel
Bali custom studio photograph session (Cancel due to express fourth dimension available)
Photography session at Dreamland (Pantaii yanggg sgttt cantikkk, Subhanallahhh ♥)
Depart to Airport
Hopefully the higher upwards summaries mightiness live on helpful for y'all (especially for offset timer) if y'all are planning to larn to Bali. My advise, notice Muslim Driver as well as Halal accommodation. Hustle as well as hurdle free  At the same time, y'all could likewise assist them to boost upwards their economy 

Plus betoken for Bali, orang-orangnya miliki akhlak yang baik  Jauh berjalan luas pemandangan..

Bila lihat keindahan Dreamland, hanya Subhanallah segala puji-pujian bagi Allah kerana menciptakan ciptaan yang begitu cantik. Air lautan yang mempunyai three layer warna biru. Ini baru ciptaan di dunia, tak dapat bayangkan oleh akal bertapa indahnya ciptaan Sungai-sungai Susu di dalam Syurga yang dijanjikan oleh Allah kepada orang yang bertaqwa  Allahu Akbar, Allahumasoliala Muhammad…


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