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I had done a wishlist agency dorsum inwards 2009! When I await at that listing I wonder how pocket-size my wants were..I ended upwards checking off close of the things from the listing that twelvemonth except for the Swarovski telephone (which I nevertheless haven't bought!!). And I'm dorsum in i lawsuit to a greater extent than amongst a wishlist iv years after (naming it checklist, because these are non just wishes, in addition to definitely non a bucket listing equally it is restricted to this year) amongst bigger wants!! I estimate nosotros all only boot the bucket on demanding to a greater extent than in addition to to a greater extent than from life. So hither goes - five things that I receive got to, desire to in addition to (maybe require to) create this year: 

Get my olfactory organ pierced 

When it comes to piercing, I receive got got my ears pierced (well non surprising since 99% of Indian girls do). Got them done when i was a kid in addition to therefore don't remember how bad the hurting was. I also receive got gotten a tatto done in addition to therefore yes, olfactory organ piercing shouldnt live on that bad. But I'm struggling to uncovering a skilful jeweller who does it inwards Mumbai. Anyone knows anyone inwards Bandra or town who tin create it for me? Would dear to know.I excogitation on wearing a simple, tiny diamond stud similar the i seen below non into olfactory organ rings much.

Image Source

When I await at that listing I wonder how pocket-size my wants were Checklist 2013
How pretty it looks on Sonali!

Take a trip on my own

I receive got been wanting to create this since a long long fourth dimension now. Probably since, the fourth dimension I read Eat Pray Love. It may non live on the best mass that I receive got read but i affair it did was inspire me to move on my own.. Its surprising how mutual it is abroad to move alone.. but nosotros Indians think that it's quite a looser-ish affair to create na? But actually I desire to receive got upwards  a trip mayhap non really far in addition to only inside the country. Maybe somewhere upwards due north inwards the hills non really commercial in addition to only laze only about for a calendar week in addition to explore. 

When I await at that listing I wonder how pocket-size my wants were Checklist 2013
The mass that inspired me

Get an add together - on done to my tattoo

I receive got a pocket-size cute-sy tattoo right higher upwards my correct ankle. Frankly, when I got it done I was only checking off something off my bucket list, in addition to although I knew I wanted some pretty looking thing on my leg I didn't actually lay whatsoever thought to it. So now, I receive got something inwards my hear that volition non only add together some pregnant to my tattoo but also hateful something to me. Will lay upwards pictures of this in i lawsuit I larn it done, to explicate this better.

Take a European Holiday

This is mainly because of ii reasons 1) I desire to larn on an international opor-garai 2) I'm bored of Asia, receive got gone to Thailand, Dubai, Malaysia, Bali, Singapore in addition to therefore you lot come across also Hongkong there's non much left to see. And flight to the USA is equally expensive equally a total vacation. So I'm trying to excogitation a trip for me an my hubby either to Turkey (Istanbul, Cappadocia, Izmir) or Italia (Rome, Naples , Amalfi). Keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

Image Source
Image Source

Get working on that draft 

I receive got an idea, non really unique, but desire to lay it down. And this twelvemonth I ameliorate larn working on it. I know many bloggers aspire to write a mass someday. Ive been wanting to write i too. I don't know how skilful or bad it'll plough out to be. But i tin ever endeavor right?

So here's my pocket-size but heavy checklist! Do you lot receive got i too?  


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