Best Fourth Dimension To Catch Inwards Bali

Tanah Lot Temple
The best fourth dimension to take in Bali is betwixt Apr together with October, the island's fourth dimension of year. Bali experiences alone two seasons: the fourth dimension of twelvemonth together with too the fourth dimension of year. Throughout the year, the daytime temps hover betwixt the mid-80s together with depression 90s, amongst alone the humidness together with atmospheric precipitation patterns ever-changing. the shortage of pelting throughout the summertime flavour makes Bali to a greater extent than leisurely for beachgoers.

Best Time to take in Bali April-October

Bali Arts Festival

Bali's fourth dimension of twelvemonth provides estrus temperatures piece non an excessive amount of atmospheric precipitation together with humidity—ideal for out of doors activities similar hiking, sailing, together with sunbathing. However, this pleasant weather condition does non come upward dorsum low-cost. These months surface area unit of measurement the island's peak touristry season. July together with August witness a spike inwards surface area rates, so majority your edifice early on to avoid immoderate prices.

Key Events: 


•    Nyepi (March-April)
•    Bali Arts Festival (June-July)
•    Nusa Dua Festival (August)
•    Republic of Indonesia Independence Day (August 15)

Best Time to take in Bali November-March

Bali Nyepi Days

Nov through March, Bali endures an incredible quantity of rain. In fact, Jan sees simply a few days that are non inwards the midst of drizzle. whereas the pelting mightiness non last plenty to discourage you, the mixture of humidness together with high temperatures (averaging xc degrees Fahrenheit throughout the day) would peradventure crusade you lot to rethink a low-season visit. That said, if you lot are looking for a discount, you'll postulate the initiatory of all luck throughout this point.

Key Events: 


•    New Years Day (January 1)
•    Nyepi (March-April)


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