My Electrical Flow Favourite Summertime Tendency - Maxis!!

Its April - which agency inward Bombay it's hot, correction hot in addition to humid, correction unbearably hot in addition to humid..the saving grace is that for most of the solar daytime I am inward my air conditioned role premises but when I'm travelling I only can't halt thinking well-nigh how hot it cotton fiber airy clothes are currently my best friends.. I can't fifty-fifty retrieve well-nigh getting roughly denims.. in addition to when it comes to non role wearable Maxis are what I am actually looking frontward to buy..I hateful i tin ever wearable knee length flowy dresses to shell the heat. But Maxis are then inward tendency right straight off in addition to although they are long but quite airy in addition to soo comfortable. And it's non only maxi dresses but maxi skirts in addition to maxi pants (palazzo pants.. but i similar caling them maxi pants) are inward too.. Here are some pictures of how celebrities hither in addition to abroad are wearing them.. Take a await for some inspiration to await cool, casual in addition to breeze through this summer..

Maxi Dresses

Anita Dongre's Summer Resort collection. Pretty pastels!

Doesn't she await pretty in addition to the dresses laissez passer such soft vibe

Kim K existence Kim K shows off her curves inward a tight Maxi

My favourite Blair aka Leighton Meester looks cute every bit always

Lindsay Lohan Gives 2 dissimilar Maxi looks

Neha Dhupia teaches us how to construct a Maxi wearing clothing await to a greater extent than formal

Maxi Skirts

No fashion mood board is consummate without taking inspiration from Blake Lively!! (Don't miss those Republic of Republic of India inspired Christian Loubotins)

Kim K shows off some leg inward a Maxi skirt too..

Maxi Pants

Pair y'all printed Maxi Pants amongst a enterprise tank top

Shraddha Kapoor's petite frame looks fifty-fifty to a greater extent than slender inward palazzo pants

Deepika was the outset  Bollywood actress to sport them on screen

Blake Lively's ability pinkish pants await classy in addition to formal!
And don't fifty-fifty retrieve that these silhouttes are meant solely for tall women..Look at how cute petite women similar Rachel Bilson in addition to Selena Gomez await inward them

So where does i purchase them?

Looks similar the tendency is nonetheless setting inward India, every bit non many high street brands accept started selling them yet except for tell Zara. So hold upward on the lookout.. some boutiques similar the ones inward Bandra (Mumbai) accept stocking upward on Palazzo pants but non the Maxi dresses/skirts every bit yet.. every bit for me, I'm nonetheless searching for these in addition to for matching/contrasting good plumbing equipment tank tops :p


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