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I know most you lot must receive got already seen the pic but I had started writing this postal service as well as t Special 26 - Movie Review
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I know most you lot must receive got already seen the pic but I had started writing this postal service as well as and therefore simply left it mid way because I felt lazy. So idea I should consummate it as well as postal service it anyways.Better belatedly than never right?

The plot (no spoilers I promise)

Ajay (Akshay Kumar) as well as Sharma (Anupam Kher) along amongst their gang put every bit CBI officials as well as raid businessmen as well as politicians (Based on to a greater extent than or less existent life incidents). In club to preclude such simulated raids and arrest them the master copy CBI (Manoj Bajpai) as well as Jimmy Shergill as well as squad travail to plot a consipracy against them. The whole pic is virtually this truthful cat as well as mouse chase betwixt the ii teams

The cast

Since, the even out is the hero here, all the characters snuff it almost the same footage. Neeraj Pandey (the director) has been aptly able to extract skilful performances from each every fellow member of his cast. Akshay Kumar inwards a serious purpose is similar a fresh breath of air. Manoj Bajpai looks as well as enacts his business office to the tee. Anupam Kher is his dependable self. Jimmy Shergill, Divya Dutta as well as Kaajal Aggarwal ably back upwardly them.

The music

Nothing depository fiscal establishment complaint worthy hither infact heard that Akshay Kumar has sung i song. But didn't realise it piece watching the movie.

What I thought

There are a sure as shooting things that I felt were lacking. For lawsuit in that place is no construct upwardly to how Akshay Kumar as well as Anupam Kher construct this gang as well as encounter the residual of the characters inwards this gang. Also, the argue given for Akshay Kumar to get-go these crimes is a trivial frivolous. 

But overall the cinema is skilful lookout amongst a bang-up even out as well as maintains a racy mensuration throughout, except for the romance scenes betwixt Akshay as well as Kajaal (Yes, a lot of people felt that this rails was non needed at all, but I experience it was needed to render a background to Akshay's character, yet the 2 songs could easily locomote cutting from the movie). Do lookout it for to a greater extent than or less skilful acting skills, direction as well as the fun thrills that the chase betwixt the constabulary as well as thieves gives.

My Rating

You must must lookout this one.

Rating - o - meter

Fultoo paisa vasool
You must must lookout this one
Oh hmm .. you lot know, you lot tin lookout it once
Time overstep it is..not great
What a waste product of time..couldn't sit down through

Did whatever of you lot lookout it? What did you'll think? Would dear to listen your take. lease write dorsum to me inwards comments box.

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