My Root Velvette Box - February Valentine Special

After reading numerous posts close the Velvette box all over the blogger world, I finally succumbed to the temptation too ordered myself ane equally a Valentine gift to myself. For those of you lot who are non really clued on to what the Velvette box is ( only similar I was 2 months a ago), this is what the service does:

Velvette box much similar the Birchbox companionship abroad delivers iii beauty production samples every calendar month for a cost of INR 399 to your doorstep. The iii production samples that are chosen depend on your preferences too your pare type. Thus, it is similar a surprise packet that comes to your trouble solid where you lot don't know the contents but it is definitely exciting equally you lot know you lot are going to have to a greater extent than or less lovely products from really good known companies that you lot may convey never tried earlier, may convey non fifty-fifty seen those products.

So this is what my Feb Velvette Box looked like:

The box was a picayune broken though
A crimson pump shaped refrigerator magnet equally Valentine token

 This is what my Feb Velvette Box contained:

  1. Pureply Pro (full size production too non a sample size)
  2. OFRA Vitamin C Day Cream
  3. Fig too Rouge - Aloe & Mint Balm (full size production too non a sample size)

Although, my Velvette box was hardly a surprise equally everyone got the same products this time. Except the OFRA production varied, to a greater extent than or less got nether oculus cream gels instead of the twenty-four lx minutes catamenia cream. But withal I loved it. too here's why:

  • Complete value for coin equally 2 of my iii samples were actual amount sized products. Thus inward INR 399 I got products worth to a greater extent than INR 2500
  •  Its got a mix of makeup too skincare
  • Brands that are internationally very good known but non too so famous here, nor available thus, larn to endeavor novel products
  • The lip balm is 100% natural too organic. I am ever on the sentinel for skilful lip balms equally Ive tried almost everything too naught actually plant on my dry out lips except for the C O Bigelow ane (check here) that I tried lately
So volition I subscribe for the Velvette box again?

Yes definitely although, non at in ane lawsuit equally I convey ordered lots of products from Sephora USA (my dad is going there) too I am actually excited close trying them out. So perchance afterwards a twain of months. 

Shall review these products individually soon.


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