Cupcakes - Can't Snuff It Plenty Of Them!

You know the materials that dreams are made of? Yes  like beautiful pastel drapes, candy coloured walls, fresh lilies as well as cupcakes. Yes cupcakes! They are my latest fascination. These tiny lilliputian things, only melt inwards your oral cavity as well as the buttery, non as well as therefore sugary as well as a lilliputian salty icing leaves a satisfied sense of savor behind. I tin only conk on gobbling them. But my caput that counts the calories does non allow me too.

So I've tried a lot of places as well as the 3 mentioned below are my absolute favourites: (Please banker's complaint listing is restricted exclusively to Mumbai)

Guilt Trip, Khar West 

Image source: Guilt Trip Facebook page

The best that i liked: Ferrero Rocher loving cup cake
Anything else:  Also, stimulate their Oreo loving cup cakes, they receive got a lot of minis priced at only Rs xx as well as therefore conk on trying till you lot discovery your sweetness spot. They also stock a lot of bakery items but non tried them equally yet. Although everything looks skillful as well as is packaged well.

Le 15, Phoenix Mills

Image Source: Le xv website
The best that i liked: The Vanilla loving cup cake
Anything else:  Although, this identify is to a greater extent than known for its macaroons (it is nigh the identify that introduced macaroons to Mumbai), their cupcakes are also oh as well as therefore soft yummylicious. Try their Belgian chocolate cupcakes equally well. No affair what you lot option upwardly you lot are certain to dearest it as well as come upwardly dorsum bespeak for more.

Sweet Desire, Bandra West

The best that i liked: Red velvet loving cup cake
Anything else:  Apart from the carmine velvet loving cup cake the residual are quite average. But create stimulate their mud cake its actually spongy and chocolaty.

Do allow me know your favourite cupcake places. Would dearest to stimulate them.


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