Balihoneymoon; A Luxuriously Affordable Honeymoon Inward Bali

A honeymoon simply similar the marriage ceremony is exceptional in addition to comes simply ane time inwards a lifetime. Thus, ane wants it to hold out perfect. Yet at that topographic point are in addition to thence many restrictions similar the budget, the duration in addition to the sort of identify (hill-y or beaches or historical etc). For us the biggest constraints were the budget in addition to the duration piece planning our honeymoon. I had a sure enough few places inwards hear (read Turkey, Hellenic Republic in addition to Maldives) but they didn't quite appear to tally the bill.

My hubby wasn't also choosy most the sort of identify in addition to left all the planning on me every bit I seemed to a greater extent than excited most it. The exclusively matter I was sure enough most was that i did non desire to teach to whatever of the cliched places in addition to it had to hold out a identify that no ane I knew had gone for their honeymoon. So i searched in addition to searched in addition to decided on Bali. Because, it tally our budget, duration in addition to the "unique place" criteria

The other matter that was I knew was that I didn't desire to teach to a move agent in addition to teach a fixed commercialized itinery. After all, it was my honeymoon, something personal. How tin give the axe I allow a stranger create upwardly one's hear where to teach in addition to what sight seeing to produce in addition to where to stay. Also, these move agents unremarkably recommend really commercial places in addition to hotels in addition to I wanted to rest inwards little but luxurious boutique-y type of a place. So afterwards reading in addition to researching on Wikitravel in addition to TripAdvisor this is how I planned my trip.

All the rates mentioned may receive got changed every bit I went for the trip inwards December 2011.


Airfare - INR 37,000 per ticket from Bombay to Denpasar, Bali Malaysia Airlines ( no non halt flights available from Bombay to Bali)Within Bali, nosotros had hired a taxi to accept us around. Lot of on the spot deal deals available. No involve for prior booking. Hotel provided airdrome transfers on paying extra charges


Indians are given visa on arrival on valid passports in addition to payment of USD 50. Keep some spare dollars every bit they inquire y'all to pay some charges on divergence every bit well

Places Covered:

Ubud (for iii days) : Calm, serene, green,non touristy. This is how I would depict Ubud the best. Also made famous yesteryear the moving-picture demo Eat, Pray, Love

Seminyak (for iii days): We chose Seminyak over Kuta every bit it belongs to the same bracket (known for shopping in addition to nightlife) but is better, less crowded in addition to to a greater extent than sophisticated


As I mentioned earlier, I wanted something boutique-y which was luxurious inwards its ain means in addition to even in addition to thence bag friendly.

Ubud: We chose Allam Indah. All rooms are beautiful,huge, the decor has a Bali touch, zip modern most it (no TV also). Since, the concept of the resort was to hold out secluded in addition to some nature it is non really centrally located. But they furnish shuttle services to the principal street in addition to marketplace position which was really very convenient in addition to helpful. Our room lily was affordably priced at $65+ revenue enhancement per night


Seminyak: Uma Sapna Villas. When inwards Bali. Skip normal hotel rooms in addition to opt for a individual villa alongside personal puddle in addition to garden in addition to the works. What is surprising is that both are priced on par. Uma Sapna is really contemporarily designed, spacious, centrally located in addition to moderately priced. We chose the smallest villa to adapt our pockets in addition to they were priced at $120 + taxes per nightBoth the options chosen yesteryear us are ranked really high by all the reviewers on Tripadvisor. Agoda also provides some expert deals.

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Things to do:

For a quick snapshot y'all tin give the axe banking concern check out my pinboard here

  • Ubud market- Shop for silverish jewellry, trinkets in addition to handicrafts
  • Mt batur - active volcanic mount a must. Also follow it upwardly alongside dejeuner at restuarants facing it
  • Monkey Forest
  • Various temples
  • Rice terraces - volition hold out establish all across the interiors of Bali
  • Spices in addition to java plantations
  • Also brand fourth dimension for a spa piece u are at that topographic point every bit Seminyak volition hold out expensive

Mount Batur

Coffee tasting @ plantations


More pop for its swish restaurants, nightlife in addition to shopping:
  • Tanah Lot for sunset
  • Uluwatu temple
  • Seminyak foursquare for shopping
  • Prana spa - Check out the morrocon themed decor. Has also won some awards
  • Jimbaran beach - for H2O sports in addition to sunset dinner for bounding main nutrient lovers
Tanah Lot Sunset

For us the availability of vegetarian nutrient was a strict criteria piece selecting the eating theatre which wasn't in addition to thence hard every bit Bali has ample options for the same:
  • Lotus cafe
  • Buddha bar
  • Little India
Pond within Lotus cafe

  • Zula - overnice mexican in addition to medditaranean food
  • Queens Tandoor - Indian food


Rock Bar - Situated on a cliff, a business office of Ayaana resort. Its a must visit. The resort itself is also really beautifully done. While nosotros were at the resort nosotros were also lucky plenty to witness a Balinese wedding.

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Potato beach club - for it quirky window walls. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 huge huge club. Every identify inwards Bali is huge (the existent estate must hold out really inexpensive there)

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Dining at Potato Beach Club

Also, inquire your hotel assist desk for the latest bars every bit novel places decease on springing upwardly inwards Seminyak

Hope this information helps y'all piece planning your honeymoon. If y'all receive got whatever queries y'all tin give the axe teach out them inwards my comments box in addition to I shall endeavour to respond them.


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