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You know what I actually similar almost my novel chore is that it allows me to locomote to dissimilar parts of the province every month. Being a marketing professional, i needs to live inwards constant comport upon alongside her consumers all across the country. So whenever I travel, I create to build some fourth dimension for checking out some famous places inwards that metropolis for shopping in addition to eating.

This fourth dimension roughly I went to Bangalore. in addition to thus later on Googling a lil fight I had iii options to conduct from UB City Mall, m G Road in addition to Commercial street. UB City every bit you lot may know is a mall that houses all luxury brands from Jimmy Choo to Zegna it has it all. Thus, too window shopping in addition to checking out the architecture I wouldn't actually accept been able to purchase anything. So I finally decided to become to Commercial street every bit I also wanted to banking enterprise check out the Mysore Saree Udyog (as I experience that i should purchase things that are commonly famous inwards that item place, illustration inwards betoken Mysore silk sarees). Besides Commercial street also has some street shops, tiny handicraft stores every bit good every bit Silver jewellery shops where you lot instruct silverish for lesser.

So below are the things I bought:

Mysore silk crepe saree alongside chiffon wrinkling final result bought from Mysore Saree Udyog. This gorgeous ocean greenish saree although apparently volition await real elegant when paired alongside a gilded tissue blouse in addition to a contestation necklace or a string of pearls ( a la Maharani Gayatri Devi). Priced at Rs 2070 it makes for a skillful gift for moms/sisters incase i is non much into wearing sarees. They had a lot of shades inwards this in addition to at that topographic point was some other pinkish shaded saree too inwards the same trend that caught my eye.

This multi coloured calorie-free brocade cloth volition build for an fantabulous blouse in addition to the best purpose - It volition jibe most of the sarees i has.All i needs to exercise is house a apparently calorie-free gilded edge on the sleeves in addition to give some danglers on the back. This i time to a greater extent than was bought from Mysore Saree Udyog. Price - Rs 630 per metre.
what I actually liked almost this store is that it has a lot of diversity inwards price of the designs, embroidery run in addition to toll range. And they accept lot of things to offering to also those who are not interested in Mysore silk similar Lucknowi, Kantha run materials etc

There are also KSIC in addition to Deepam silk sarees stores at m G Road for people who are looking out for something to a greater extent than traditional in addition to accept to a greater extent than coin to rhythm out

I was looking for a contestation telephone since ages in addition to accept fully searched stores similar Aldo accessories in addition to Forever New. However null seems to fit my sparse fingers. So when I finally chanced upon this butterfly silverish telephone at a silverish store inwards the jewellry street I readily bought it. Priced moderately at Rs 900 for pure silver.

As I mentioned before Commercial Street also has some street shopping to do. I accept lately joined Zumba inwards which I require to habiliment shoes in addition to I accept run out of socks. When I saw these cute colourful socks beingness sold at Rs 100 for iii I simply couldn't terminate myself from buying them.

Here's my lastly purchase were these nude chappals alongside some sequins from skillful ol Bata. Price - Rs 499. Pair them alongside anything in addition to habiliment them casually or at work.

P.S. - While you lot are at that topographic point delight don't forget to accept those thick but soft dosas that are a far shout from the sparse crispy ones that you lot become far Bombay in addition to some Filter coffee. I went to Kadamba veg for my dose of the same in addition to must I state I simply devoured my food,

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