My (Almost) Kickoff Sense Amongst Pilus Colouring!

When someone said "There are no costless lunches inwards this world" man child was he wrong!! If yous know me good as well as thus yous would know that I dear freebies. And I proceed trying my manus as well as my luck on all the contests that I know of. Recently I got twice lucky. One was alongside an online contender run past times Grazia India where I won a costless pilus styling session at Jean Claude Biguine. Which also happens to live my favourite salon inwards the metropolis for a) the stylists know their labor as well as exercise non funk upwardly your pilus that gets to hard to hold b) the stylists exercise non hard sell whatsoever services nor products different many other experiences I cause got had alongside stylists at other salons.

And the minute contender that I won was comport past times BPBWeekend on Twitter which was in 1 lawsuit again sponsored by Jean Claude Biguine. This 1 entitled me to costless pilus colouring session. Barring 1 domicile experiment several years dorsum I cause got never got my pilus coloured professionally. Only argue beingness - I idea it's high maintenance as well as what if my pilus ends upwardly looking ashy or henna covered. But since Biguine is a salon of high reputation I didn't hear going ahead this time.

Aishwarya the rep from Biguine was sort plenty to accomodate me as well as laissez passer on an appointment during this hectic festive season. The alone status beingness I had to become to their newly opened Ghatkopar branch inwards R metropolis mall every bit against their busy Juhu as well as Bandra salons that i had requested for. I accepted the condition.

So I started off my referencing. My peel has yellowish undertones as well as I read somewhere on the cyberspace that warm colours volition adjust me more.Also, I wanted something subtle as well as natural. You know something that does non stand upwardly out much simply is prominent plenty for people to discovery that you've done something different to your hair. So afterwards looking for about reference pictures hither is what i decided on - Dark brownish (with slightly reddish tint) highlights.

Image courtesy:

Image courtesy:

The stylist assigned to me was Shayan Merchant a Sr Stylist there. I showed him the reference I had the Anushka Sharma pic as well as coincidentally he said he had worked alongside her for the same movie.So as well as thus he showed me a L'oreal shade carte du jour as well as nosotros decided to streak my pilus inwards 2 colours inwards equal numbers. We selected L'oreal Majirel 11.60 (Mahogany) as well as 12.50 (name I don't remember).

Pre colour; Waiting for the stylists to complete mixing colours

So afterwards about three hours of  wait where in that location was about applying, processing as well as washing. I could meet the terminal results. Shayan as well as his colleague gave me a fabulous blow dry out besides that lasted for similar three days :)

This is how my pilus looks ship service the colour. It is just similar what I wanted subtle, natural, merges good alongside my master copy pilus colour. Although it has non got captured inwards the photographic boob tube camera well, it much to a greater extent than prominent inwards person. And what to a greater extent than tin I say. I dear it!

The mahogany addition calorie-free brownish highlights
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 place's service tin live best judged when they are doing something without charging for it every bit a lot of places offering such services alongside lot of price as well as atmospheric condition attached to them. But this wasnt the illustration here. Nowhere did I experience that the staff did non laissez passer on me their 100%

Charges: For me it was costless simply ordinarily they accuse inwards a higher house Rs 4500 + taxes for streaking
Colours used: Loreal Majirel 11.60 as well as 12.50


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