Bestplacetovisitinindonesia; Tokong Nanas Island, Riau Indonesia

Tokong Nanas isle is 1 of the outermost isle inward Indonesian that located inward Natuna islands as well as role of South Communist People's Republic of China body of body of water that bordered alongside Malaysia. Administratively, this isle is role of Natuna regency, Riau Archipelago.

This isle is inward large stone stacks formation inward the middle of the sea, which in that place is a lighthouse inward a higher house the island. Tokong Nanas is uninhabited island, because it’s non capable to live on stayed. The discussion Tokongnanas, was taken from the province of affairs at the ancient times, where in that place were bushes of Pineapple tree unopen to the island; Nanas way pineapple inward Bahasa Indonesia.

To gain Tokon Nanas, tin move live on commencement from Batam to Palmatak, a upper-case missive of the alphabet urban amount of Matak Island, past times using pocket-size plane, as well as continued past times using speed boat for close five hours drive. The isle is a pile of large trouble solid stones arranged. It has the type of rocky shore waters unopen to the island, which direct maintain 2-5 meters depth as well as greater depth far from the isle is close 8-10 feet.

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