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Penyak beach attraction is the beach attractions are located inward the District of Koba, Bangka regency center, privinsi bangka belitung, just located at the border of Pangkalpinang cross-Koba Way, Long Beach penyak reaches three km. Penyak beach has decease i of the monitoring inward the number of a amount solar eclipse of 1986 which was visited past times eclipse observers from inside in addition to exterior the country.

Conditions of a sloping beach in addition to is correct on the border of the highway is the primary attraction thus it is ever crowded when libur.Padahal day, the beach surface area penyakini nonetheless minimal back upward facilities provided past times the director penyak coast.

Penyak beach is a beach community pride Penyak. In improver it has a beautiful beach of body of body of water scenery charming hospitality is too accompanied past times polite monastic enjoin amount of tenderness greet nan.

For visitors who desire to catch this beach. Do non bother to attain the beach, located along the hamlet street this Penyak. Only past times traveling some 35 minutes from downtown Pangkalpinang, in addition to thus the visitors volition live on greeted amongst the captivating beauty of the famous beaches amongst soft sand of this beach.

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