Honeymoon Bali Purpose Ii

Check out angry white human behind us.

From Kuta nosotros went to Ubud. Ubud is a thou miles unlike from Kuta!!! 
And nosotros stayed at Villa Semana which was a perfect blend of everything nice. Enjoy the pictures!

This scenery greeted us when nosotros arrived. Incomparable serenity! So green!

Couldn't resist. 

Our villa. When nosotros showtime booked a villa, nosotros chose ane overlooking the Ayung river, in addition to thence all of a abrupt Villa Semana called in addition to told us nosotros were upgraded to a duplex! 

Greeted past times fresh flowers in addition to a welcome note.

We told the villa staff that we're muslims in addition to nosotros don't drinkable wine. They insisted anyway in addition to the vino was inwards the room untouched for 4 days in addition to nosotros only admired the bottle from outside. In the halt the vino stand upwards became our photographic tv set camera tripod.


They provided a cd thespian =) 

Wanna rip this door out in addition to create it at our apartment. 

Overlooking someone pool, overlooking Ayung River. 

The toilet & jacuzzi.

(start of telephone photographic tv set camera pics)

The outdoor rainwater shower :')

Our ain trivial someone puddle :')


Toilet upstairs lol

Tadaaa if yous location something inwards the pic, yeah it's everywhere inwards the house. If yous don't, 
nevermind exactly top on to side past times side paragraph.

Ok good to hold upwards honest nosotros spent the terminal few days at the villa lazing some in addition to relaxing (except that ane twenty-four sixty minutes catamenia nosotros went H2O rafting which was AWESOME). It was a adept alter from the past times few days inwards Kuta. We alone went out to Ubud town to larn dinner, sentinel some cultural dances in addition to stuff. The town was quaint in addition to charming, something yous wouldn't facial expression from Bali, particularly later coming from Kuta. 

Sure, I was itching to shop, but the things I wanted was priced on the high side in addition to *oh* I'm married in addition to create got other responsibilities straight off other than to create got assist of myself. But if yous could afford Balinese lace priced at a hefty RM600++, delight banking concern lucifer it out inwards Ubud. 

Things to store for inwards Ubud: Anything artsy fartsy such equally beautiful crude oil paintings, ornaments, glassware, weaved baskets in addition to sorts. We fifty-fifty establish a peni* shaped bottled opener. Talk almost letting imaginations larn wild. Husband was barking laughing in addition to I didn't larn it. Never did. Obviously it's a guy thing. 

Overall, nosotros would larn dorsum to Bali *especially* to Villa Semana. Owner told us that there's this guy from Deutschland who returns annually to the villa. Annually for a month. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Month. Jeez. I wanna create what he's doing for a living. 

Then I tin ANNUALLY return. 

That's all I tin muster at the moment. There's thence many things going on nonetheless in addition to I'm pushing to write this. Must-Not-Let-Memory-of this-escape-me. 

Much honey people xoxo. 

P/s: Villa Semana is ranked 2011's top x accommodation inwards Southeast Asia past times TripAdvisor. The Swiss boss, Jurg is what yous would telephone telephone a dah-link in addition to everything was thence lovely. Highly recommended!

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