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We booked the vacation iii months before, which was correct afterward our engagement. It was just iii weeks afterward our nikah. We surveyed sooo many other places but inwards the end, nosotros chose Bali because: 1. inexpensive flying 2. international vacation finish 3. Good recommendation past times friends as well as the internet. Anyhow nosotros didn't larn whatever tour parcel or anything. We did surveyed some inwards August 2011 Matta Fair, but y'all don't wanna follow a tour grouping schedule during your honeymoon anyway. 

The plane ride was iii hours. 

TIP: If you're taking Air Asia, mass your seats as well as nutrient inwards advance. Saves y'all from ALOT of hassle. 

We arrived at 11.30pm because our flying was delayed cheers to Air Asia. It was fairly slow to larn a cab at the drome as well as they were quite efficient close it too. Costs close Rp 50000 to larn to Kuta area. For the offset 4 days, nosotros chose to remain at...drumrollllllllll..... Tune Hotel. 

There's zero much to state close the hotel. They provided us alongside what they hope as well as don't facial expression anything more. Would endeavor non to become dorsum to Tune Hotel, unless its alone ane individual sleeping inwards ane room. Two people sleeping inwards a room every bit large every bit Tune Hotel's volition just drive y'all crayzay. There's hardly plenty room to move!! Only positive thing is the bed. Even as well as hence Hubs commented the bed beingness likewise comfy. 

One thing that actually pisses us off is the fact that the network expires inside 24 hours afterward activation. You can't log out to kicking the bucket along the hours. Each activation was RM15. 

I tin write a whole seek on Tune Hotel, but it'll hold upward amend for y'all to banking corporation agree out their reviews on the net.

First morn inwards Kuta was low-key. We strolled the Kuta streets all the agency to Kuta Beach, had breakfast inwards KFC (lols) as well as figured out what to produce the side past times side day.

Btw the famed beach was total as well as surprise surprise, it was littered alongside garbage. Hmm. The beach was a footling likewise overrated if y'all inquire me.

The metropolis was covered alongside hence many well-known brands peculiarly those coming from Australia. Billabong, Quiksilver, Roxy, Obey, Paul Frank--just to yell a few. The stores looked legit, similar stores you'd notice inwards Pavillion or Mid Valley as well as cost was standard, but we're abit cautious close buying them because at that spot wasn't whatever guarantee that the materials was genuine.

Can't girlfriend this landmark!

Kuta beach at sunset. I went about the border of the H2O to avoid photographing the garbage along the beach. What a shame. 

That nighttime nosotros ate at this ane Nyonya restaurant. It's the alone non- fast nutrient alongside a halal cert. Good presentation, worth to endeavor it out. I actually can't recall the yell of this place, but it was a closed walk from Tune Hotel, as well as it's the alone Nyonya eating spot around. We spent close Rp 120,000 for both of us. 

For the next twenty-four hr catamenia nosotros signed upward for a 10 hr tour to due north of Bali, which is called Lovina Beach. We went to run into wild dolphins! Okay it wasn't easy. The trip started at 3am from Kuta. We rode the tiny footling boat at close 5.30am at Lovina Beach. We were inwards the H2O for close 2 hours as well as falling asleep. It was soo mutual frigidity but beingness inwards the bounding main THAT early on at sunrise was zero brusque of awesome. Just as well as hence of a abrupt nosotros saw the flip of a dolphin's tail. 

After that nothing. 

After some other fifteen minutes, nosotros started seeing schools of dolphins swimming ahead. They were similar 20 other footling boats inwards the H2O alongside tourists hoping to larn a glimpse of the dolphins. When a schoolhouse of dolphins came out, close a dozen of boats chased afterward them. Heck. I would hold upward scared if I were the dolphins. 

Wild dolphins!

They were bloody fast. Only caught its tail.

Tourists chasing pitiful dolphins. (Including us) Well worth it. 

Afterwards the tour direct took us to the hot H2O springs close Banjar. The H2O was a footling sulphurous, coming from the volcano. I changed my withdraw heed close getting inwards at the terminal infinitesimal because everyone dipping inwards were men inwards shorts as well as felt awkward to hold upward alone fully covered daughter but hubs practically dragged me in.

Close to the hot springs was a temple or what they telephone telephone "Pura". 

Also did a footling hike upward Git Git waterfalls. 

Visited Ulundanu Temple. 

TIP: Bring an umbrella if y'all see Bali during rainy season. Most vendors charged astronomical prices for umbrellas when its raining!!! ^^$%*^#

Our driver, Made. Pronounced "MA-DEI". If y'all remain inwards Bali a few days, you'll notice that practically everyone's yell starts alongside Made. Me as well as hubs called our driver The Real Made. 

The Real Made was serenity but he answers all our questions. Shuts upward when me as well as hubs banter at the back. And he LOVES the band Spoon hence nosotros terminate upward listening to Rindu Serindu Rindunya for 10 hours as well as nosotros flora ourselves singing the vocal fifty-fifty every bit nosotros got dorsum to our hotel. In the toilet. While eating. While surfing the net. 

Throughout the day, Made stuck alongside us, took our photos, hiked alongside us as well as answered all our questions as well as whims. We but picked his break of the brochures at the airport. Most drivers/tour guides inwards Bali are experienced, hence wouldn't affair which ane y'all choose, every bit long every bit the budget suits. 

On the 3rd day, nosotros went to Tanjong Benoa. The nighttime before, I yell upward reading Fatin Liyana's direct to Bali (of all go guides) as well as she mentioned playing H2O sports at Tanjong Benoa as well as it was dirt cheap. So that nighttime me & hubs read her weblog on Bali as well as nosotros were like, owh! Halal nutrient is at Discovery Mall! Owh nosotros quest to create out the H2O sports! 

So next day, when nosotros arrived at Tanjong Benoa, Made brought us to this expensive looking operator. Why expensive looking? The boats were shiny as well as well-maintained, the parachutes facial expression novel as well as the staff were wearing a uniform alongside logo. They tried to accuse us Rp 1,200,000 for parasailing, donut as well as flying fish. 

We moved on to some other stall. That guy chased us yelling Rp 900,000 saja! Marila marila! What a rip-off -.- 

In the terminate nosotros settled alongside Rp 700,000 for both of us via some other operator. We could actually force it cheaper, but nosotros idea the cost was already reasonable. 

Tanjong Benoa has a expert beach. Unlike Kuta. Unfortunately y'all can't swim inwards it for fright of getting knocked downwardly past times a boat. Just fifteen minutes away from Tanjong Benoa, is Nusa Dua. The house has beautiful villas alongside individual beaches. 

We went to Tanah Lot Temple. Another must-see landmark. 

TIP: When visiting Tanah Lot temple, become during low-tide if you'd similar to walk to the temple. But to a greater extent than beautiful motion painting opportunities during high-tide.

Tourist Pose

1.5 hours away is Uluwatu, some other temple alongside breathtaking view. The temple overlooks the bounding main past times a high cliff. 

We caught the Kecak dance. H5N1 must-watch. 

TIP: Beware of highly intelligent monkeys. One stole the hijab pivot off my head. (Check out pic above) Keep sunglasses as well as liberate items. If the monkey took something valuable, purchase peanuts as well as endeavor bartering for them to render the things. *_*

That was the terminate of the 4th day! On the 5th day, nosotros checked-out of Tune Hotel as well as went to Ubud. And that's some other post. 


P/s: Find out what nosotros did inwards Ubud past times clicking hither : Bali Part II!!!!

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