Balihoneymoon; Taman Ujung Sukasadha Karangsem

Located at Tumbu Village, 85 kms from Denpasar, nearly v km from Amlapura, Capital of Karangasem Regency.

Ujung Water Palace, which past times the local people is called equally Taman Ujung Sukasadha, was built inward 1919. However, the launching of this complex of H2O palace was performed inward 1912.

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 which past times the local people is called equally  BaliHoneymoon; Taman Ujung Sukasadha Karangsem

The H2O palace was constructed past times the piece of cake King of Karangasem, I Gusti Bagus Jelantik, that reigned inward Karangasem betwixt 1909 in addition to 1945.

Ujung Water Palace was majestically built to welcome in addition to to serve of import guests in addition to Kings from neighboring countries, too for the pleasance of the King in addition to his royal family.

Tourism activeness inward this expanse is supported past times the available of nutrient stalls, minor restaurants in addition to quite large parking area. Visitors who are interested inward local crafts production tin discovery only about of them inward fine art shops available here.

The complex of this H2O palace is the combination of Balinese in addition to European architectures. There are iii large in addition to large ponds within the area. In the middle of the primary pond, at that topographic point is a edifice that connected to the border of the pond past times ii bridges.

On the most tip of the highest score of this complex, nosotros volition discovery a peachy statue of warak (rhinoceros). Beneath the warak at that topographic point is a Bull statue. From this high house nosotros volition come across a marvelous sentiment of sea, hills alongside lush in addition to light-green forest, in addition to the beauty of Mount Agung combined alongside the light-green terraced rice fields.

The greatness of Ujung Water Palace had been destructed past times the explosion of Mount Agung inward 1963 which was made worst past times the peachy milk shiver happened inward 1979. However, the recovery endeavor had been performed to convey dorsum the glory of this complex of H2O palace past times asset a reconstruction in addition to revitalization projection on it. Although it is non equally peachy equally it was, the amaze of the past times withal tin hold out seen hither this moment.

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