Balihoneymoon; Taman Ayun Violet Temple

Taman Ayun Royal Temple is located at Mengwi, virtually eighteen km due north side from Denpasar City. As a Royal Temple of Mengwi Empire, Taman Ayun is i of recommended house to catch when y'all come upwards to Bali.

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 Taman Ayun is i of recommended house to catch when y'all come upwards to Bali BaliHoneymoon; Taman Ayun Royal Temple

The temple strategically located beside of major roadway betwixt Denpasar to Singaraja Regency, assault the nation which is surrounded yesteryear the large fish pond as well as await similar a drift on the water. Build alongside multistoried roof as well as Balinese Architecture. The broad beautiful landscape garden inwards front end courtyard to welcome all visitors who come upwards as well as catch this temple.

Pursuant to Lontar Babad Mengwi (Papyrus Chronicle of the Mengwi), the temple which is directly referred yesteryear Pura Taman Ayun had been newly sanctified inwards the twelvemonth 1634 grand as well as it is named alongside Taman Ahyun Temple. The discussion of Ahyun is coming from the rootage discussion Hyun pregnant a temple is founded inwards the commons (pool alongside the beautiful garden) which tin ship away fulfill the desire. The discussion Ahyun is thence changed into Ayun word. Taman Ayun Temple is i of Hindu Temples inwards Bali perish tourist finish which has been visited yesteryear many tourists from local as well as foreign. This temple is unremarkably visited yesteryear tourist i time having a laid upwards tour to Tanah Lot Temple due to this temple is the same route of the Tanah Lot Tour.

The business office of Taman Ayun Temple is a house to pray the god inwards their manifestation. It is according to the content of Babad Mengwi as well as the being of temple edifice structure, specially the temple that is located inwards 3rd expanse (Jeroan). According to Astadewata, the special God is worshiped inwards Taman Ayun Temple is the God inwards manifestation every bit a Wisnu God which his palace located inwards laissez passer on off of Mount Mangu. In papyrus of Usana Bali mentioning that i of Dewa Catur Lokapalas behaviour through its worship is Meru Pucak Pangelengan that is a temple edifice alongside ix multistoried roofs.

Pitara God is a holy someone deity of ancestor who is besides referred every bit the other names of Hyang Pitara or Dewa Hyang. Pitara God is obliged to last worshiped yesteryear clan heir (Prati Sentana) inwards the cast of temple ceremony which the same pregnant every bit yesteryear the ceremony to the god. The worshiping being to Pitara God inwards Taman Ayun Temple tin ship away last searched as well as proved yesteryear pursuant to the being of temple edifice which set inwards yesteryear consecution inwards due east which is called Paibon that is representing Special Temple. Taman Ayun Temple inwards capacities or its condition every bit special altar for the King solid unit of measurement of Mengwi Palace or every bit a Merajan Agung from Mengwi King Families specially for the founder of Mengwi Empire that is I Gusti Agung Putu.

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