Grumpier Past Times The Day!!

 One most painful affair nearly Bombay is or rather  Grumpier yesteryear the day!!
One most painful affair nearly Bombay is or rather "are" the cab in addition to the rickshaw wallahs.. Is it me or is it them? I am nevertheless trying to figure out the drive of the problem.. Have y'all noticed off belatedly how hard it has give-up the ghost to larn a cab/rickshaw driver to concur to accept y'all where y'all desire to..and how grumpy they guide maintain become? I would tell they are getting grumpier yesteryear the day!

Where inwards the scream of god produce they genuinely desire to go? I wonder how on public produce they create out doing practiced business? All they produce is merely sit down in addition to spend upward potential customers all 24-hour interval long. I estimate they must go making a lot of coin yesteryear merely chilling inwards their respective vehicles.

And produce y'all know what bugs me the most? It is the fact that they bear similar they are doing a big favour yesteryear helping us travel. Their expressions or the lack of them are worth a watch. Example: I say,"Churchgate station" (mind y'all If y'all are at Andheri (east) in addition to y'all desire to give-up the ghost to anywhere close Seepz, Chakala etc y'all are soooo doomed) ; the response, "..." (Point to go noted: Here, "..." agency no reply & when I tell no reply I hateful zero, zilch, non fifty-fifty a slight nod & no, non fifty-fifty a murmur). Oh yes! How could I forget to elevate that a few of them genuinely did a favour to me yesteryear either nodding, or yesteryear pointing to the other cabs. Well, in addition to they demonstrate no mercy to anyone..age no bar, sexual practice no bar, colour no bar (wow! Atleast they are non racists :p). The other day, I saw a pitiful one-time lady trying to grab a cab in addition to no i fifty-fifty stopped at her calls exit lonely taking her.

Well, its non not similar I haven't had my portion of practiced cab rides inwards the city. There are days when I larn genuinely lucky in addition to the kickoff guy I inquire genuinely says yep (Yeah, I audio similar about guy I asked out has said yes, but believe me the joy I larn is definately comparable ;p). Sarcasm aside, I guide maintain come upward across about really sweetness cab drivers who guide maintain helped me out when I was lost alongside the routes, or who havent insisted on alter or those who guide maintain fifty-fifty allow give-up the ghost of a buck or 2 'cos I could'nt trounce out change.

But overall, I produce want that the organization gets ameliorate in addition to these drivers demonstrate about consideration towards pitiful us mumbaites.

P.S: I recollect I audio equally grumpy equally them inwards this post. So delight excuse the tone. Just had to allow out my frustration somewhere, sometime. Cya!!


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